DCO sensors monitor steam boilers

We offer a simple remote monitoring solution

DCO's equipment monitoring sensors come with coordinated adapters and fittings for easily installation

Use the Smart Factory monitor designed for engineers

DCO's energy harvesting sensors harness energy from natural and artificial light sources

Eliminate battery changes with energy harvesting

Take Control of your Time with DCO's sensing solutions

Maximise data collection and fill in coverage gaps

DCO's sensors alert and notify engineers when predictive or preventative maintenance checks are needed

Reduce downtime with predictive maintenance

Save money with simple remote monitoring that reduces unplanned downtime from day one

Downtime is costing manufacturers in the UK over £180 billion annually and 98% of US organisations report downtime costs of at least $100,000 per hour. Nobody wants to lose money. Don't be a downtime statistic. DCO Systems can reduce your losses with monitoring solutions that pay for themselves quickly.

DCO provide self powered, energy harvesting sensors and monitoring solutions that can do significantly more for you for your money as compared to battery-powered or plug-in sensors. You can reduce your downtime costs by measuring more performance metrics, including more equipment in your reach and getting refined data updates and alerts more frequently. Additionally, the sensors can be easily installed by any member of your team and up and running within minutes.

What are you looking for in a monitoring solution?

DCO Systems offer monitoring for all types of industrial equipment and machines

Explore the types of equipment you can monitor here.

DCO Systems sensors come with a wide range of features and benefits

Discover what features and benefits you can expect here.

DCO Systems offer ready to deploy equipment sensors and monitoring solutions that can be up and running within minutes

Know what you are looking for? You can find our product listing here.

Diverse projects we're currently working on

DCO Systems sensors are ideal for difficult to access location because they are maintenance-free and self-powered

Monitoring steam infrastructures in UK hospitals

This ageing infrastructure is hard to access and perform manual maintenance checks. Steam traps are often hidden away and difficult to maintain...

DCO sensor at TS 500

Adding monitoring capabilities to a steel manufacturer's assets

This manufacturer added DCO monitoring to affordably extend the reach of performance monitoring to new locations, reducing downtime on legacy equipment...

DCO Systems offer a self-powered, energy harvesting sensor with solar panels embedded on the base. This allows for the sensor to self-charge, store energy and transmit updates more frequently

Improving the operation and efficiency of energy generation

Engineers supporting Solar PV systems needed more information than their current monitoring could provide. With the flexibility to trial new sensing on specific equipment and systems...

Why choose DCO?

You need a monitoring solution that is easy to deploy, provides a high return on investment and reduces unplanned downtime. However, you can only go so far with your current monitoring efforts because they have fixed capabilities. That's why DCO Systems embed energy harvesting capabilities into each sensor. They are maintenance-free, easy to install and compatible with your existing systems. Now you can monitor more metrics in combination, include hard to access equipment, and test and trail changes needed to reduce downtime costs. DCO offer sensors and data subscription options for an affordable price. Are you ready to give them a try and start saving money?

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