Digitise your plant floor

We can help you to digitise your plant floor simply and effectively

Industry 4.0 has expanded rapidly with significant potential over the last few years. And as several manufacturing publications highlight, key decision makers do not fully understand the implementation of these digital strategies and the complex range of applications. However, complexity does not have to be a hurdle when you can start with something simple.

DCO Systems offer a simplified approach that is easy to deploy, clear to understand and an effective tool to empower your engineers. There are two components to digitising your plant; sensors to gather the data from machines and the software to derive information. To maximise the information gained from the data, DCO Systems offer an integrated suite for sensors and software to aid understanding and reduce the learning curve.

Start with a simple question

We begin by asking a simple question and offering a simple solution; What is the key information needed from your machines? There is value in starting with a question as simple as  “Is it running?” A monitoring solution integrating simple parameters such as power consumption and temperature can provide the answer for a valve or flow control device. Non-invasive, retrofitted remote monitoring provides answers quickly and concisely, wherever and whenever you need them.

The simple question, simple answer approach is the beginning of a digitisation journey with DCO Systems. Our solutions are extensible and upgradable, moving you seamlessly from simple monitoring functionality to a suite of capabilities for performance monitoring, efficiency analysis and predictive maintenance.

To further simplify, our software seamlessly organises the information from your equipment into an easy-to-read format that your engineers can use immediately. DCO Systems’ products are applicable for SME’s to large industry. We can help you monitor a single piece of equipment or entire systems in multiple locations.

Let us know what you need; our one-stop shop approach is simple and effective.

To find out more go to dcosystems.co.uk email: info@dcosystems.co.uk or call: 01285 359059.

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