Energise manufacturing

Energise manufacturing with energy harvesting sensors

It’s not back to square one, it’s ‘take 3’ and how can we get through this better this time? At DCO Systems, we continue to analyse the impacts of lockdown and assess the monitoring tools most urgently needed by engineers. That is why we have created ready to deploy sensors of immediate use to engineers that energise the manufacturing sector. Our energy harvesting sensors are an affordable and cost-effective investment, available with simplified installation and use, offering reliable and high-availability remote monitoring. 

Affordable investment

Budgets are clearly of great concern, however, implementing digital technologies is a crucial investment that can help you respond to future obstacles. Our energy harvesting sensors are an affordable investment without the long-term costsThe upfront cost includes the customisation, ready to deploy sensors, coordinated connectors, adaptors and fittings. Equally valuable, they can be installed by anyone and do not require scheduled maintenance or an installed energy source. Our self-powered sensors run on energy found naturally in their surrounding environment. Energy is harnessed from natural and artificial light, vibration and motion, changes in temperature and other ambient sources, all of which are free and zero-waste! 

Simplified installation & use

Things are changing daily, and you need to be prepared and able to react quickly. Delays for electrical engineers to install and commission wired, externally powered devices are too long. You cannot wait and you should not. DCO's sensors for specific applications are already available with extensive customisation through options (sensing, communications and energy harvesting) to fit your process and needs. Equally important is that all sensors can easily be installed by the customer. DCO have extensively evaluated the practical needs of installers and included colour coordinated connectors, adapters and fittings for many different requirements, with installation videos that lend additional support if needed. The ease of installation and use means that these energy harvesting sensors can be up and running immediately.

Reliable, remote monitoring

When machines and equipment stand idle, the lack of information and procedure are overwhelmingly apparent. DCO's sensors are designed to give you both the information on your machines and processes and allow engineers to use their time more effectively. Our energy harvesting sensors can be mounted virtually anywhere you need data. The sensors then transmit the data collected to a cloud-based dashboard and can be viewed by engineers on Smartphones and laptops at any time, from anywhere. This is especially ideal for engineers overseeing multiple plants or off-site locations. The sensors do the work without the engineer needing to travel. Furthermore, energy harvesting sensors are ideal for monitoring in inaccessible locations with little infrastructure or access.

As the data transmitted in real time, DCO’s sensors provide greater visibility with a continuous and uninterrupted representation of your processes. The information is organised in an easy-to-read format that your engineers can use. Furthermore, the dashboard also detects any inconsistencies in your process and sends automatic alerts and notifications. As a result, in an unpredictable world, your engineers can be knowledgeable, proactive and can take action to prevent major malfunctions.

DCO’s energy harvesting sensors are available to help strengthen, empower and energise manufacturing in 2021. Featuring an affordable investment, simplified installation and use, and reliable, remote monitoring capabilities, our sensors can help manufacturing navigate uncertainty and adapt more quickly.

To find out more go to dcosystems.co.uk email: info@dcosystems.co.uk or call: 01285 359059.

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