Equipment sensors

Equipment sensors with advanced capabilities 

DCO Systems provide a wide range of industries with a 'grab and go' equipment monitoring sensors. And while they are readily available, a plug and play feature allows you to customise sensing options and communications to fit your process and needs. This flexibility is made possible with DCO's self-powered, energy harvesting technology that is built into each sensor. To learn more about the benefits of this capability and how it can overcome your data gathering limitations, read here. Furthermore, these low-cost sensors can be easily installed by a member of your team and retrofitted to your machines and equipment regardless of it's age, size or complexity.

DCO's energy harvesting sensors can be customised to harness the data you need from each machine
DCO's energy harvesting sensors harness energy from natural and artificial light sources
DCO offers anenergy harvesting sensor for external and harsh environments
DCO's energy harvesting sensors harness energy from natural and artificial light sources

What type of sensor do you need?

DCO offer two types of sensors available for machine and equipment monitoring:

  • Compact version rated for internal use has an overall size of 110 x 56 x 41mm
  • IP68 rated version for outside / hostile environment use has an overall size of 130 x 90 x 63mm

What metrics do you need measured?

Each equipment sensor can be customised to monitor several different components in combination at once. Furthermore, 'time' becomes an automatic metric as data is gathered and uploaded to the dashboard.

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Power (electrical power, consumption data & power analysis)

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Temperature and humidity (contact & non-contact)

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Pressure (air, gas, steam & water)

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Sound and vibration (motors, gearboxes & mechanical assemblies)

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Vision (infrared and visible light)

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Level, volume and flow

Learn more about the features and benefits you get

DCO provide you with ready to deploy sensors that come with colour-coordinated equipment connectors, adaptors and fittings. This means you can easily install them and get your equipment sensors up and running immediately. There's many more features and benefits that come with each sensor. You can read a more detailed overview of features and benefits here.

Interested in a specific feature:

  • COST SAVINGS- Chances are your budget isn't endless. If you're looking for a low-cost solution that is reliable and packed with value, then this is the solution for you. You can purchase in large or small quantities and as your business grows, our solutions are scalable. You can read more about cost savings here or go straight to our pricing options here.
  • WHOLE SYSTEM MONITORING- Equipment sensors are at their best when used as part of a Whole System Monitoring approach. Unique to DCO Systems, we recommend this approach to create a high-definition view of your entire process. Read how this works here.
  • ENERGY HARVESTING- Did you know that battery and plug-in sensors can significantly restrict your monitoring efforts? It's because batteries fail and often 'do less to have a long life' and plug-in sensors require installed infrastructure. Self-powered, energy harvesting sensors give you more control of your data gathering. Read how they work here.
  • DATA ON ANY DEVICE- We understand you can't be everywhere at once. That's why we have created a dashboard that can be viewed remotely from your SmartPhone, tablet or PC. You can also share this information with your colleagues to ensure everyone is on the same page. Read how this works here.

What monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at

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