Land's End to John O'Groats

DCO Systems to support heart bypass recipient's quest to cycle the length of Britain

We are proud to sponsor our graphic designer, Dean Jacobs, as he embarks to cycle the length of Britain for British Heart Foundation. In September 2019, on the 3rd anniversary of his heart bypass operation, Dean made a decision to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats in August 2020 and raise money and awareness for BHF. While Covid-19 postponed his plans temporarily, the extra year of training has made him more prepared (and excited) to set off in late August 2021. We are not only sponsoring Dean to complete the ride, but have also fitted a customised DCO sensor to his bike to monitor different metrics about his ride!

DCO Systems is sponsoring Dean Jacobs to cycle the length of Britain to raise money for British Heart Foundation
DCO Systems is sponsoring Dean Jacobs on his quest to cycle the length of Britain and monitoring aspects of his ride.
DCO has placed a sensor on cyclist, Dean Jacob's bike to monitor different aspects of his ride
DCO is sponsoring Dean Jacobs to cycle the length of Britain

Recalling his decision to embark on this quest, Dean states 'I want to payback what the NHS spent on repairing me’. In addition to raising funds, Dean is raising awareness about his genetic disorder called Familial Hypercholesterolaemia. FH is when the body creates too much cholesterol and the liver is unable to process the fat in the body. Dean became aware of his condition when he had his 1st heart attack 5 years ago. Like Dean, before his chest pains, a majority of people born with inherited FH remain unaware of their condition or undiagnosed. Then, three months later, Dean experienced a more severe heart attack and began receiving treatment at Harefield Hospital, a specialist centre for heart and lung expertise. After his heart bypass operation in 2016, Dean changed his diet, increased exercise and set out to thank BHF for his beating heart.

Dean’s journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats will push him to ride as many as 109 miles in one day, ascend 7555 feet on his leg from Liskeard from Tiverton, reach Shap for stunning views of the Lake District, and cycle alongside Loch Lomond and Ben Nevis. Dean has said this ride is 3 times longer, higher and harder compared to his last ride from London to Paris. Throughout the feat, DCO Systems will be helping Dean monitor location, speed, environment and movement.

Join us on the journey from Land's End to John O'Groats

3rd August- Dean popped into DCO Systems to get his bike fitted with a customised sensor.

24th August- Dean sets off. Join us as we monitor different aspects (location, speed, environment and movement) of his ride. 

Dean’s highlights of his journey:
Day 1- Just under 100km to ride today starting at Land’s End. Met the 22 strong riding group and 4 guides. By the end of the day some great bonds were already forming.

Day 2- One of the most brutal days I’ve ever had on the bike. We cycled 140km but also 3000 meters of ascent! And as it was Cornwall and Devon these hills were up to 25% gradients. Riding up 22 hills with zero flat to recover on is a really tough things to do on a bike especially as descending was just as tiring on the mind as the shoulders, neck, hands and feet. The dinner was earned on Wednesday!

Day 3- We are already in Wales!

Day 4- We are currently in Shrewsbury, evening of day 4. We’ve covered around 500km with around 1050km to go! Feeling really good after flying through 140km today in just over 5 hours. It’ll be a relatively flat day tomorrow when we’ll go through 3 major cities and head towards Preston.

Day 5- The last two days haven’t really been about scenery or battling through adverse conditions or terrain. The last 280km has been purely about getting distance under our belt and moving north (quickly) and that’s exactly what happened. The group I am riding with pushes one another and consequently we are upping the pace and arriving at our destinations ahead of schedule. Thanks for all the well wishes, it’s really spurring me on. The Shap awaits!

Day 6- Stunning Cumbria including the Shap! The ride from Preston to Carlisle took 10 hours and 21 minutes with a distance of 155km and an elevation of 1464m.

Day 7- Favourite day so far although I had a puncture and snapped rear derailleur cable!! Today’s ride totalled 11 hours and 15 minutes. We travelled 172km and climbed 1528m.

Day 8- Today was a very mixed bag travelling through Glasgow and alongside Loch Lomond in 9 hours. Total distance was 141km with an elevation of 1336m.

Day 9- Cycling from Inveraray to the base of Ben Nevis, outside of Fort William!

Day 10- Dean's words of wisdom 'Get a bike, ride round Loch Ness'! His recorded average power for today came in at 122w and energy output hit 3226kJ.

Day 11- A seriously hard grind riding from ride from Tain to Thurso covering 162km and climbing nearly 1560m.

Day 12- Completed it! Made it to John O'Groats in about 4 hours time, a distance of 49km and 417m elevation. His average power was 89w and energy output was 745kJ. Well done Dean, amazing achievement!

To support Dean on his quest, please visit his fundraising page.

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