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Being committed to innovation means that we are always looking for ways to implement the latest technology to make our equipment sensors and software better. Find out how DCO Systems push the barrier in developing and using cutting-edge technology.

At DCO Systems giving back and supporting the greater community is a belief that we put into action. Our support and involvement in the local community includes events that connect people with literature, science and technology, and foster the curiosity of what has been and what could be. 

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Could power harvesting boost your equipment monitoring?

12 May 2022

The powering of sensors is often a roadblock for widespread adoption, particularly for when retrofitting sensing solutions. Projects adopting Industry 4.0 techniques often require more widespread and comprehensive sensor deployment than in traditional PLC deployments. When looking to maximise availability, functionality and long-term capabilities, energy (power) harvesting sensors punch above their weight. But for those engineers used to traditional devices, the simple question is usually: How do they work? READ MORE

DCO offer different power harvesting options based on the conditions of the plant and equipment

Visit DCO Systems at the Manufacturing Expo June 2022

11 May 2022

Why is a sensor’s power source important? Come find out!  We’ll be at the Manufacturing Expo in 4 weeks to showcase our self-powered, energy harvesting sensors and on hand to demonstrate how they punch above their weight. We will also be hosting a workshop, ‘Perpetual Motion Machines: Advance your monitoring with energy harvesting sensors’ on Wednesday, 8th June as part of the trade show. Book an appointment to meet with us!

DCO Systems will be participating in the Manufacturing Expo taking place 8th & 9th June at the NEC in Birmingham.

DCO Systems to sponsor Fairford Festival of Fiction 2022

04 May 2022

DCO Systems are proud to sponsor this year's Fairford Festival of Fiction. The festival is popular with both children and adults as the weekend hosts several authors, illustrators and book signing opportunities. Taking place on Saturday, 4th June, the Fairford Festival of Fiction returns this year with a line-up fit for a queen... Steve Antony, Rachael Stott, Antony Johnston, Geoff Ryman, Clover Stroud. READ MORE

DCO Systems are sponsoring the Fairford Festival of Fiction taking place 4th June 2022.

Solving the challenges of pipework monitoring

25 April 2022

Within manufacturing plants, the monitoring of pipework is often overlooked and yet it is as vital as the circulatory system within the body. Pipework are the arteries responsible for connecting equipment and pushing process fluids and gases (water, steam, air, etc.) through systems to do work. One reason for this oversight is because pipe networks are expansive and are not always easy to reach. That’s why DCO Systems are looking at the challenges that pipe networks pose and creating monitoring solutions for all types of conditions. READ MORE

DCO offer pipework monitoring solutions for all types of conditions.

DCO at the Plant & Asset Management Show

07 March 2022

UK Manufacturing trade shows offer the best opportunity to test and trial new products and seek out-of-the-box solutions. Trade shows are often referenced as a point of great discoveries, thriving with problem solving opportunities. DCO Systems are excited to bring to the market machine monitoring solutions that are solving the industries toughest monitoring obstacles. Problem solvers can book an appointment with DCO at the Plant and Asset Management Show in Birmingham this April. READ MORE

DCO Systems will be at the Plant & Asset Management show

Understanding the benefits of a digital twin

14 February 2022

Findings reported by The Manufacturer state, ‘57% of leaders in the manufacturing sector feel they aren’t confident with technology, with more than half lacking the skills needed to move from paper to digital services.’ Utilising a digital twin may seem like a big jump, especially for companies that are just starting to embrace digital technology. Because of this obstacle, DCO Systems are working to bridge this gap by showing how engineers are currently using DCO’s virtual model in relation to a heat exchanger. READ MORE

DCO Systems offer a digital twin capabilities as part of your monitoring efforts

Tipping the scales with simplified energy monitoring

25 January 2022

The UK has committed to cut emissions 78% by 2035, compared to 1990 levels. Currently, the Office for National Statistics sites manufacturing as one of the top four contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, as part of the strategy the UK government aims for the manufacturing industry to cut greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds from 2018 to 2035. To accomplish this goal, manufacturing needs effective energy monitoring tools that will provide credible and resolute information. READ MORE

DCO offer an energy monitor that provides complete information by monitoring more metrics in parallel and can be deployed in hard to access locations

Comparing sensors costs and securing a higher return on investment

10 December 2021

A Google search for 'sensors' produces nearly 4 billion results. Consequently, engineers searching for sensing and monitoring solutions are confronted by a market flooded with options. Therefore, it is crucial to compare availability, functionality, upfront costs and on-going costs. Here we break down the costs of battery-powered, plug-in, and energy harvesting sensors to illustrate which provides the best operation for value. READ MORE

DCO's sensors can provide engineers and OEM's with valuable insight to their equipment

DCO Systems win award for energy harvesting sensors

07 December 2021

SME News Magazine has announced the winners of the 2021 Southern Enterprise Awards. They have awarded DCO Systems as Best Global Energy Harvesting Equipment Sensors Provider. This award programme has been designed to acknowledge those businesses who have shown innovation and perseverance to serve their customers and clients with exceptional products and services. DCO are delighted to be recognised! READ MORE

DCO Systems are recognised as SME News Southern Enterprise Award 2021 winner for Best Global Energy Harvesting Equipment Sensors Provider

Utilising the flexibility of adaptable monitoring in challenging environments

15 November 2021

What monitoring solutions are deployed on your plant floor? Have you noticed how rigid and restricted they are? There’s a lot of ‘lemons’ on the market promising to do more than they can because they are constrained by battery life. Ultimately, this could be limiting your efforts to reduce downtime. Luckily there is a simple solution and it doesn’t mean ripping out what you already have in place. Alternatively, step into the world of adaptable monitoring. READ MORE

DCO help engineers utilise the flexibility of adaptable monitoring in challenging environments

How to avoid steam trap failure with enhanced monitoring

08 October 2021

Failed steam traps waste significant energy, money, and resources. To ensure proper function and longevity, it's crucial to keep traps well maintained. Yet in most environments, steam trap monitoring is still undertaken manually. Long intervals between manual tests leaves room for error and doubt. In truth, diagnosing steam trap failure correctly requires a round the clock solution. In this article we discuss 3 costly problems caused by trap failure and how enhanced monitoring effectively avoids them. READ MORE

DCO Systems' enhanced monitoring avoids steam trap failure

Battery-free, wireless sensors break through energy source barriers

13 September 2021

While digital technology promised a new generation of data and insight, Industry 4.0 is proving harder than it should be. But why? Wait times for installation, infrequent data reporting and limitations on monitoring are becoming burdensome obstacles. At face value they are unrelated yet getting to the root of these challenges they all stem from a sensor’s energy source. READ MORE

DCO Systems offer truly wireless sensors that are energy harvesting

Register your place for the 'Energy Conversations' webinar

01 September 2021

FREE WEBINAR: Join us Tuesday, 7th September at 2:00 PM (London), as DCO Systems Managing Director, Andy Doherty, will be interviewed by Vilnis Vesma, leading expert on the analysis and interpretation of energy consumption data. The pair will be discussing ‘Filling in the gaps with energy harvesting and wireless sensor technologies’ as part of an ‘Energy Conversations’ interview series. Register now 

DCO Systems will join Vilnis Vesma for an 'Energy Conversations' interview.

DCO Systems to support heart bypass recipient's quest to cycle the length of Britain

18 August 2021

We are proud to sponsor Dean Jacobs as he embarks to cycle the length of Britain for British Heart Foundation. In September 2019, on the 3rd anniversary of his heart bypass operation, Dean made a decision to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money and awareness for BHF. We are not only sponsoring Dean to complete the ride, but have also fitted a customised DCO sensor to his bike to monitor different metrics about his ride! READ MORE

DCO Systems is sponsoring Dean Jacobs to cycle the length of Britain to raise money for British Heart Foundation

Motors and drives get a new lease on life with retrofitted monitoring

12 July 2021

Ageing motors and drives of varying types, speed and torque play a vital role on assembly lines worldwide. The components and complexity of the drive system can range from small fixed-speed DC motors to large variable frequency drive AC induction motors. DCO Systems offer an easy to retrofit sensing solution, therefore enabling these pre-existing motors to acquire updated monitoring capabilities and performance metrics. READ MORE

DCO offer ways to improve sustainable manufacturing efforts for ageing equipment

3 simple and cost-effective ways to improve sustainable manufacturing

04 June 2021

All manufacturers are moving towards more sustainable manufacturing, and for most this means getting more from existing plant and machinery. Most sites aren’t full of state-of-the-art equipment but rely on a mix of equipment of all ages and capabilities. Replacing capital equipment to gain more analytical insight is expensive, and often unnecessary, when alternative technologies are available. READ MORE

DCO's energy harvesting sensors provide immediate benefits and are important for achieving sustainable manufacturing

Overcome challenges with an automatic, persistent and simple steam trap monitor

10 May 2021

Do you have steam traps in your infrastructure? They are vital for efficient and safe operation but susceptible to problems. Furthermore, steam traps can be in difficult locations, such as confined spaces, making manual testing time consuming and hazardous. That’s why we are focusing on three challenges that steam trap users face and how DCO Systems’ steam trap monitor is overcoming and eliminating them. READ MORE

DCO's steam trap monitor is automatic, persistent and simple

Wireless industry sensors free from battery dependency

13 April 2021

Replacing batteries has become a major inconvenience for industries that deploy a big amount of sensors and need reliable uninterrupted data. Some batteries run out of power earlier than others, some of them are difficult to reach. This can lead to loss of important data requiring constant monitoring that comes at a cost. Fortunately, new breakthrough solutions can solve these problems once and for all. READ MORE

DCO's wireless industry sensors are energy harvesting, maintenance-free and always-on

The Smart Factory monitor designed for engineers

07 April 2021

The words ‘Smart Factory’ have the ability to conjure up two thoughts: computing and complexity. For an engineer, this can seem overwhelming. Furthermore, according to The Manufacturer’s Annual Manufacturing Report 2020, several roadblocks exist for companies trying to embrace Smart Factory technologies including misaligned systems and digital transformation fatigue. DCO Systems are meeting these challenges head-on by making Smart Factory tools that fulfil the requirements of the engineer. READ MORE

DCO's equipment monitoring sensors come with coordinated adapters and fittings for easily installation

Maximise data collection with whole system monitoring

01 March 2021

Have you ever spent time and money on a problem only to discover it was not the root cause? DCO Systems' whole system monitoring approach works to eliminate guesswork, pinpoint the true issue and maximise data collection. Taking on the bold approach of monitoring the entire system provides a clearer picture for engineers that can uncover the costliest and most concealed problems. There are 3 compelling reasons of why this approach works and how it can drastically improve your current monitoring efforts. READ MORE

DCO sensors can help engineers and OEM's take control of their time

Modernise your machines - the nuts & bolts of what’s really going on

02 February 2021

Your existing plant and equipment have a compelling story to tell, but may be prevented from speaking clearly. However, there is no need to replace working plant and equipment just to add monitoring capabilities. DCO’s technology can give them a voice! It’s time to modernise your machines and unlock the hidden data within heat exchangers, actuators, motors, air handlers, heat recovery units, steam traps, pipework and more ... READ MORE

DCO's machie monitoring can help modernise equipment and unlock the hidden inner workings of various equipment

Energise manufacturing with energy harvesting sensors

11 January 2021

It’s not back to square one, it’s ‘take 3’ and how can we get through this better this time? At DCO Systems, we continue to analyse the impacts of lockdown and assess the monitoring tools most urgently needed by engineers. That is why we have created ready to deploy sensors of immediate use to engineers that energise the manufacturing sector. Our energy harvesting sensors are an affordable and cost-effective investment, available with simplified installation and use, offering reliable and high-availability remote monitoring. READ MORE

DCO's energy harvesting sensors can energise the manufacturing sector.

4 Immediate benefits of using energy harvesting sensors

02 December 2020

Are all equipment sensors the same? No, compared with plug-in or battery-operated sensors, energy harvesting sensors punch above their weightAs manufacturing industries implement the Industrial Internet of Things, self-powered sensors are becoming a rising star. DCO Systems explain 4 immediate benefits of using sensors that power themselves and why you should make the switch. READ MORE

DCO equipment sensors have energy harvesting capabilities

The cost value of predictive & preventative maintenance

03 November 2020

Predictive and preventative maintenance are two sides of the same coin. Both strategies work to keep equipment functioning properly and reduce downtime. Predictive maintenance aims to ‘predict’ when maintenance is going to be needed based on tendencies, whereas preventative maintenance offers routine servicing to ‘prevent’ failure. Applying these techniques to a plant full of diverse equipment can translate to time and money saved. Best bit, you can do this without it costing a pretty penny! READ MORE

DCO Systems offer conditional monitoring with predictive and preventative maintenance alerts

Navigating your next steps in energy efficiency

07 October 2020

'What’s next?’ is a question that many ask about energy efficiency and carbon reduction. Perhaps you made a large investment, developed new processes and reduced energy losses. But where does the next gain come from? We consider some of the questions raised and explore ways to further improve energy efficiency within your processes and how continuous improvements lead to significant gains. READ MORE

DCO sensors monitor energy consumption and can help identify areas for energy reduction

Report: An in-depth look into monitoring for steam applications

01 September 2020

Steam's ability to transfer energy between source and consumer means it continues to be widely used. Industries such as food and drink production, chemical processing, extractive industries, space heating and hot water to specialist applications in pharmaceutical and healthcare. Across all these industries steam systems are usually energy intensive and business critical but are hard to monitor regularly and consistently. READ MORE

Steam Valve 500

Fancy a holiday? Relax with remote monitoring

05 August 2020

Health studies and research consistently prove that taking holiday time can increase productivity and lower stress levels. So, whether you are escaping to your garden, travelling to the seaside or further beyond, our remote monitoring solutions can offer you peace of mind! Remote monitoring is the process of gathering data on your machines and understanding what is happening ‘within’ your machines when you are not physically on-site. READ MORE

DCO Remote monitoring

Goodbye batteries, hello energy harvesting

07 July 2020

Battery failures, battery replacement and limited battery lifetime all beg the same question - WHY do we need them? The significant time and cost to replace batteries is obvious, but what about the hidden problem – the impact on data gathering? How can analysis be complete when there are monitoring gaps? How can analysis be comprehensive when collection intervals are designed to suit a battery and not your needs? DCO Systems offer an alternative that boosts sensor capability and eliminates battery management costs. READ MORE

DCO offers a battery-free energy harvesting sensor

Investing in Industry 4.0- an affordable tool for survival

09 June 2020

Leading manufacturing publications have sited difficulty in up-front investment as a leading challenge for industries investing in Industry 4.0 technology. However, as the world continues to experience the effects of Covid-19 on their workforce, budgets and operating abilities, DCO System’s no up-front cost technology offers a viable solution. Affordable remote monitoring for plant and equipment can not only alleviate the challenge of getting an engineer to the site but allow for real-time visibility of your process. READ MORE

DCO Systems offers an affordable option for Investing in Industry 4.0

Digitise your plant floor simply and effectively

21 May 2020

Industry 4.0 has expanded rapidly with significant potential over the last few years. And as several manufacturing publications highlight, key decision makers do not fully understand the implementation of these digital strategies and the complex range of applications. However, complexity does not have to be a hurdle when you can start with something simple. DCO Systems offer a simplified approach that is easy to deploy and understand. READ MORE

DCO's Truly wireless sensors can be implemented anywhere

DCO Systems offer a remote monitoring solution for TODAY

01 May 2020

DCO SYSTEMS have developed equipment sensors that are ready for immediate use. During the Covid-19 pandemic, manufacturing sectors are finding that they need a remote monitoring solution that is easy to deploy, self-installed and ready to gather data within minutes. To meet this demand, DCO Systems have created a practical solution that allows engineers to remotely gather valuable information including temperature, pressure, energy usage and detect leaks and system variations in real time. READ MORE

DCO's Truly wireless sensors can be implemented anywhere

DCO Systems at Plant & Asset Management Show now taking place April 2022

13 March 2020

DCO Systems will be at the Plant & Asset Management Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham which has now been postponed to April 2022. Exclusive talks and demonstrations will be held, along with the opportunity to meet our team. We are bridging the gap between Mechanical Engineering and IT. As the event approaches, details will be released on how to book an appointment and where to visit us to learn more about how our equipment sensors and software can help you!

DCO Systems will be at the Plant & Asset Management Show in April 2022

DCO to sponsor Fairford Festival of Fiction

The Fairford Festival of Fiction in Gloucestershire (2-5 June 2022) is a popular event for both children and adults as the weekend hosts several authors, writers, illustrators and book signing opportunities. DCO Systems are proud to sponsor the Festival of Fiction’s line-up of special guests to help engage and encourage readers of all ages! Find out more about our 2022 sponsorship of the Festival of Fiction

Fairford Festival of Fiction Logo 2020

DCO to sponsor bike ride and retrofit sensors to bike

We are proud to sponsor our graphic designer, Dean, as he makes an incredible commitment to cycle the length of Britain for British Heart Foundation. In September 2019, on the 3rd anniversary of his Heart Bypass Operation, Dean made a decision to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats in August 2020 (now taking place 24th August 2021) and raise money and awareness for BHF. We are not only sponsoring Dean to complete the ride, but will also be fitting our sensors to his bike to monitor different factors about his ride! READ MORE


DCO Systems offer an affordable approach to equipment sensors and monitoring

31 January 2020

DCO Systems launch equipment sensors that power themselves using waste energy found in heat, vibration and light. Retrofitting these game-changing wireless sensors enables affordable monitoring of an entire steam powered system, with DCO’s software making reports available immediately when issues arise via dashboards, alerts and notifications. READ MORE

DCO Sensors can monitor the whole system
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DCO Systems will be participating in Manufacturing Expo

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