Quality control sensors for the pharmaceutical industry

Steam can play an important role in the vital research and development of life saving medicines. In an industry where every second counts, you need to know that your steam boiler equipment is functioning properly.  Pharmaceutical laboratories must comply to strict government and safety regulations regarding all aspects of R&D.

The valuable insights our system provides has a positive impact all the way to the end user.  Less waste and greater efficiencies can mean that more resources are provided and more funds are focused on pharmaceutical research and development.  This results in increased comfort for patients, students and a smaller carbon footprint for a greener world.

With our sensors, you can have the confidence to know that your steam boilers are at their best or when and where problems exist in real time. By accumulating customised and valuable information, our monitoring, controlling and optimisation services allows your employees to focus on more important things.

What monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at

Learn more about the features and benefits you get

DCO Sensors can result in Cost Savings

Cost savings

Yield a faster and higher ROI by eliminating installation and battery replacement costs.

DCO systems offers whole system monitoring to fill in coverage gaps and reveal hidden problems

Whole system insight

Pinpoint root causes and understand the knock-on-effect between equipment within your system.

DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere

Energy harvesting

Experience the vast benefits of self-powered sensors and maintenance-free, always-on operation.

DCO sensors transmit data to personal devices

Data on any device

Monitor your equipment and machines from any where, at any time and on any device.

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