DCO at the Plant & Asset Management Show

DCO Systems set to debut at the Plant & Asset Management Show

UK Manufacturing trade shows are being welcomed back with strong interest in 2022. Face-to-face shows offer the best opportunity to test and trial new products and seek out-of-the-box solutions. Trade shows are often referenced as a point of great discoveries, thriving with problem solving opportunities. DCO Systems are excited to bring to the market machine monitoring solutions that are solving the industries toughest monitoring obstacles. Problem solvers can find DCO as a debut exhibitor at the Plant and Asset Management Show in Birmingham this April.

‘With the increasingly optimistic outlook for the manufacturing and engineering sectors in the UK and the pent-up appetite to purchase, we are looking forward to a fantastic Plant & Asset Management Exhibition with anticipated strong visitor numbers.’ says Ryan Fuller, Managing Director of DFA Media Group.

DCO Systems are showcasing their most innovative product- energy harvesting sensors. These sensors outperform battery-powered sensors and offer engineers overseeing machines and equipment an ultra-deployable, maintenance-free monitoring solution.

‘Monitoring solutions are often limited because they are powered by batteries. DCO Systems offer monitoring solutions that contain energy harvesting capabilities; creating equipment sensors that can monitor more metrics, in more locations and with better fidelity than ever before. DCO’s innovation enhances your monitoring above and beyond the limitations of battery power.’ states Andrew Doherty, Managing Director of DCO Systems.

Companies that work with steam traps, boilers, motors and drives, heat recovery systems and other industrial equipment can book an appointment to meet with DCO Systems and discuss challenges and needs. Visitors can also test and trial the sensors and dashboard to experience simplified, high-definition monitoring.

Why choose DCO?

You need a monitoring solution that is easy to deploy, provides a high return on investment and reduces unplanned downtime. However, you can only go so far with your current monitoring efforts because they have fixed capabilities. That's why DCO Systems embed energy harvesting capabilities into each sensor. They are maintenance-free, easy to install and compatible with your existing systems. Now you can monitor more metrics in combination, include hard to access equipment, and test and trail changes needed to reduce downtime costs. DCO offer sensors and data subscription options for an affordable price. Are you ready to give them a try and start saving money?

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