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Our solutions cover many sectors, monitoring the wide range of equipment, systems and processes used

Worldwide, numerous industries use steam equipment, motors and drives, heat exchangers and pipework to name a few. Because our remote equipment monitoring solutions are applicable to these and many more types of equipment and machines, our solutions can be used in a wide range of sectors. Listed below are sectors that we are currently working in. To understand how our sensors are being used, please select the sector to learn more.

Brewers and distillers can increase quality control monitoring with DCO sensors

Brewing & distilleries

Monitor the temperature & pressure within boilers & pipework responsible for our favourite libations

DCO Sensors can monitor ageing steam boiler systems in education facilities


Modernise ageing heating systems on campuses to remotely monitor boilers & heating infrastructure 

DCO can monitor milk production with our sensors

Food & drink

Track the production process for cooking, sterilising, cleaning & eliminating risk of contamination

Case studies- NHS use our real time monitoring solution to improve equipment performance


Seek energy efficiency improvements & monitor ageing steam boiler equipment for healthcare sites

DCO offers centralised GPS tracking for fleet, and temperature and humidity monitoring for refrigerated loads


Benefit from centralised GPS tracking on fleets, temperature & humidity monitoring for refrigerated loads

DCO sensor can monitor clean steam during the development of medicines


Improve quality control on the sterilisation of equipment including temperature, pressure & humidity

DCO offers monitoring for inaccessible steam infrastructure systems

Steam applications

Receive alerts & notifications on leaks, cold traps, & anomalies within steam infrastructure systems

DCO sensors can monitor the tea production process

Tea processing

Record valuable information & monitor production during the five stages of tea processing

Our flexible, modular technology allows us to rapidly develop and deploy monitoring for new sectors. We are currently working on solutions for monitoring critical transport infrastructure, specialised industrial motors and drives, and within the renewable energy sector. Our team is hard at work, liaising with engineers and creating the best possible solutions for our partners.

If you didn’t see your sector mentioned here and you need monitoring solutions, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at

Take control of your costs while making savings on your engineer's time. Eliminate the need for costly electrical installations and battery replacements. Our affordable pricing options begin with a low-cost capital investment that can be scaled up to suit your needs.

Gain a more complete understanding of your entire plant using our whole system monitoring approach regardless of equipment age, size or complexity. Easily pinpoint and diagnose a range of problems in seconds and fix system issues more quickly than before.

We offer energy harvesting sensors as a maintenance-free and battery-free IIoT solution. Our truly wireless equipment sensors can harness power from thermal, vibration, solar and electrical induction. This ensures reliable operation in varying environmental conditions.

Our clients receive valuable data on any device at any time. Real-time alerts and notifications are sent to your smartphone, laptop or tablet in easy-to-read chart format. As the information is stored in a cloud-based dashboard, data can be viewed wherever you are, day or night.

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