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DCO Systems offer a simple, remote monitoring solution for TODAY

DCO Systems have developed equipment sensors that are ready for immediate use. During the Covid-19 pandemic, manufacturing sectors are finding that they need a simple, remote monitoring solution that is easy to deploy, self-installed and ready to gather data within minutes.

To meet this demand, DCO Systems have created a practical sensor that allows engineers to remotely gather valuable information on their machines and equipment. For example, our sensors measure many elements including temperature, pressure, energy usage and steam distribution. Moreover, DCO's equipment sensors are easily retrofitted to existing equipment and are compatible with already in-place systems. Additionally, our software notifies and detects leaks and system variations in real time.

"Our sensors are available, adaptable and scalable,” explains managing director, Andrew Doherty. "We realise that the industry needs a quick and simple solution and we can help.”

Engineers can benefit from our simple sensing solutions.  Firstly, our sensors have energy harvesting capabilities. This means that they can harvest energy from their surroundings and need only the tiniest bit of energy to power themselves. As a result, our sensors are ideal for remote and inaccessible equipment or locations. Furthermore, our self-powering sensors eliminate the challenge of battery failure or frequent battery replacement. Secondly, when the data is collected, it is transmitted to our cloud-based dashboard. Consequently, all engineers that have access to this data can share information and make decisions without being on-site or meeting together. Additionally, DCO's dashboard also sends alerts and notifications to engineers if any unplanned changes occur within the machines. As a result, engineers can quickly diagnose problems and work to find a solution before major system failures occur.

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