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Steam system monitoring that never sleeps

Steam! It's everywhere and not just for railway enthusiasts. It's ability to transfer energy between source and consume means it continues to be a widely used in industry for everything from food and drink, chemicals, process heating, heating and hot water to specialist applications in pharmaceuticals and hospitals. Steam systems are usually energy intensive, often complex and frequently hard to monitor across a site. That's why DCO Systems has designed a suite of monitoring solutions for commercial and industrial steam users.

While steam functions well as an energy transfer mechanism, it needs careful management and monitoring to ensure efficiency, minimise costs and keep installations safe. Just one steam trap leaking for a prolonged period of time can generate significant waste if left undetected, and steam traps that have become blocked introduce problems of system damage and overall safety.

DCO System’s monitoring solution takes the monitoring techniques widely utilised today but makes them automatic, persistent and simpler. Our whole system approach maximises the number of components that can be monitored, and eliminates essential but tedious monitoring of whole swathes of equipment. Tired of sitting with your probe waiting for a trap to cycle? Automated monitoring doesn't sleep, doesn't miss an event and doesn't get bored. Pinpoint and detect problems in real time. Steam system monitoring also helps identify areas of improvement for carbon reduction, process efficiency and cost savings.

Our integration of remote sensing and energy harvesting technology finds a natural home in steam systems, the perfect atmosphere for our battery free equipment sensors.  Harnessing energy from their surroundings found in heat, light, vibration, and ambient electromagnetism. Energy harvesting technology within our sensors is maintenance free and always available.

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DCO's sensors can monitor and measure industrial equipment

Remotely monitor steam traps, boilers, heat exchangers, actuators, economisers, heat recovery units and pipework.

DCO's Truly wireless sensors can be implemented anywhere

Equipment sensors that collect temperature, pressure and vibration readings using energy harvesting technology.

DCO sensors transmit data to personal devices

Our customised dashboard and App displays your data on any device, in real-time, wherever you are.

Affordable and simple monitoring, efficiency analysis and predictive maintenance

We offer affordable remote monitoring and software without CapEx approvals.

Our self-installed sensors and software can be up and running within minutes. We offer a simplified approach that is easy to deploy, clear to understand and affordable with our no up-front cost pricing options.

Working with clients and OEMs, our solutions are extensible and upgradable, moving you seamlessly from simple monitoring functionality to a suite of capabilities.  Installed out of the box using IIoT technology our sensors remotely monitor steam traps, boilers, heat exchangers, actuators, valves, economisers, air handlers, heat recovery units and pipework.

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DCO Sensors can monitor the whole system
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Why choose DCO?

With experience in the steam industry, we have a greater understanding of the information valued by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and engineers. Our wireless energy harvesting sensors are easy to install and compatible with existing systems. Once our equipment sensors are in place, engineers can monitor performance from a distance using our whole system monitoring approach. Alerts and notifications are delivered in real time and the cloud-based dashboard and App displays Data on Any Device. Our clients improve productivity, safety and minimise quality control issues while making savings on engineer's time and costs.  

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