Truly wireless sensing. Advanced analytics. Valuable insights.

Truly wireless sensing. Advanced analytics. Valuable insights.

Efficiency solutions that save up to


on energy costs

Take control of your equipment

Prevent downtime and keep your critical systems running with our truly wireless monitoring solutions and analytics that deliver valuable insight and raise productivity in a range of commercial and industrial settings.

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Dynamic sensing solutions

Compact and versatile sensing devices that harvest and store energy via multiple ambient power sources, enabling a Truly Wireless monitoring capability. An extended number and type of physical parameters can be monitored with additional plug-and-play options delivering an unlimited wealth of data, real-time alerts and valuable analytics.


Our sensors connect via any available global mobile phone network, or via a gateway to the cloud. Bluetooth 5 connectivity to other devices is supported, as is sub-1GHz radio communication in the ISM and LoRA bands for extended range/adverse conditions.

Energy harvesting

Our sensors harvest and store energy from multiple ambient power sources including temperature, vibration and solar, ensuring reliable operation in varying environmental conditions, removing the need for installation of power sources by electrical engineers, and reducing or eliminating the requirement for battery maintenance.

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Extended sensing

Our sensing devices support additional sensing plug-and-play options over and above those integrated into the standard device, allowing for extension of the number and type of physical parameters that can be monitored.

Mobile App

Our sensors integrate with our mobile apps to permit commissioning of the device and to obtain real-time, local performance data from the device across NFC and Bluetooth connections. The apps also permit querying of your devices and interrogation of their cloud hosted data and analytics. Your data on any device!

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) explained

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, refers to the connectivity of industrial equipment to the internet. Sensing devices installed on equipment collect performance data and send it to the Factory or Site Manager via a cloud based interface, providing a whole system view, in real-time, to any compatible device.

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We’re here to help and are happy to liaise directly with Technicians, Engineers and Factory managers to deliver the most beneficial product. 

Equipment Suppliers

If you sell industrial boilers, steam traps or other industrial equipment, our sensing and services can enhance your products and keep you competitive in the ongoing changing market.


We are happy to work with companies to strengthen your business portfolio and support your innovation processses.

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