Asset management

An intelligent and simplified asset management approach

Your machine and plant assets are crucial to your production process. They need to be looked after and monitored.

We offer an intelligent and simplified approach to monitoring your equipment and investments. Our equipment sensors and software include predictive maintenance alerts and notifications. However, there is so much more that can be gained from our asset management approach:

Q: Do I need to have new equipment to be able to implement your asset management system?

No, in fact our sensors are easily retrofitted to your existing equipment. Legacy equipment is common in the production line and having assurance that these machines are functioning properly is a piece of mind worth having. Furthermore, our innovative equipment sensors are compact and versatile and can be installed throughout your whole system in a variety of environments.

Q: I have a plant full of machines from various suppliers that are different ages and sizes. How can DCO Systems help bring these assets together?

We focus on whole system monitoring. It is essential to have the ability to see how one piece of equipment effects the others within the deployed process regardless of age, size or complexity. This is valuable in a variety of scenarios - but particularly when you replace or invest in new equipment, and in times of a system failure to identify exactly where the failure happened. As a result, our solutions not only locate faulty equipment, but also determine the knock-on effect a fault can cause to your entire system. This paves the way for preventative maintenance and a longer, more sustainable equipment lifetime.

Q: How does predictive or preventative maintenance work?

Conditions of each piece of equipment and machine performance are monitored continuously and consistently in real time. Physical characteristics of equipment can be monitored for short and long term change  using our energy harvesting equipment sensors and our software. Engineers can be notified proactively about condition changes and remotely gather further details and equipment data. Our real-time solution identifies leaks, energy loss, system failures and detects problems reducing the need for engineers to attend site to diagnose problems.

Q: I have invested in a new piece of equipment which claims to help reduce energy use. How do I know that is actually happening?

Return on Investment (ROI) is no longer difficult to quantify with our asset management approach. We unlock hidden data within your systems, down to specific items of plant and equipment. Therefore, you can track the energy use of machines by the hour, month, years, etc. Our dashboard analytics includes long-term detailed record keeping capabilities so you have the data and statistics on hand when need it.

Q: What type of information will I receive on the dashboard about my assets?

Each sensor is customised to your needs and configured to collect a wide range of vital information including pressure, temperature, vibration and performance. Using the techniques of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to bring this data together in an organised and easy to understand format. The dashboard will allow you to see a range of information from the simple - that machine is on and running to the complex - measuring your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in hourly, weekly and monthly fluctuations. In addition, our real-time system can help pin-point energy loss, leaks and system failures. Furthermore, you will receive notifications of preventative maintenance that needs to be carried out.  Your dashboard will track performance data and detect problems before they occur, reducing travel time and labour costs, increasing your production rates.

What asset management and monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at

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