Dashboard analytics

Dashboard analytics that provide real-time system information 

We believe that more information results in better control. Our DiscoverRA cloud-based dashboard provides you with an overview of performance for all monitored equipment. By receiving alerts and notification in real-time, you will minimise downtime and keep your critical systems running with around-the-clock monitoring. You will gain a deeper understanding of your business, it's processes and systems which are crucial for making decisions.

DCO senors can transit data to any device and provide dashboard analytics
DCO sensors transmit data to personal devices and provide dashboard analytics
DCO sensors monitor steam traps and provide dashboard analytics
DCO sensors monitor steam traps and provide dashboard analytics

How it works

Equipment sensors are placed on each machine you would like to monitor. Each sensor is customised to your needs and configured to collect a wide range of vital information including pressure, temperature, vibration and performance.

Next, data is transmitted by the sensors via our Gateway or 3/4/5G service to the internet.  Powerful analytics are continually delivered via our Cloud, to your customised dashboard which visually tracks, analyses and displays your critical KPI’s.  The dashboard also measures your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and identifies hourly, weekly and monthly fluctuations. In addition, our real-time system can help identify energy loss, leaks and system failures and improve your quality control.  Your dashboard will track performance data and detect problems before they occur, reducing travel time and labour costs, increasing your production rates.

DCO's cloud-based dashboard analytics offer real-time information on your systems

Our services monitor & analyse

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Energy use and consumption

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Equipment performance

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Product quality

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Process efficiency

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Steam generation and distribution

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Condensate collection

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Predictive and reactive maintenance needs

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Fault diagnostics and alerts

Cloud-based dashboard and App

Even though your monitored equipment may be spread across various locations, our dashboard analytics monitor, analyse and provide you with data without your engineers having to go to site.

Your dashboard can be viewed from any PC or handheld device, at any time. In addition to our cloud-based dashboard, clients also benefit from an intelligent App developed specifically for mobile devices (Smartphones, iPads and tablets). This App is securely implemented on designated smartphones and/or devices within your organisation and can be used almost anywhere.

Our DiscoverRA platform provides another option if you already have software-based sensing equipment. Compatible with your existing system, our platform interacts with other network enabled equipment and devices to provide a gateway to our cloud-based storage and data analytics service. Once data is supplied to DiscoverRA it can be utilised in all the dashboard, notification and analytical functions that we provide on the platform.

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