Dashboard analytics

Dashboard analytics that provide real-time system information

Our DiscoverRA cloud-based dashboard analytics provides an overview of performance for all monitored equipment. Because our machine monitoring sensors are powered using energy harvesting technology, you get a lot more information. This results in a highly detailed picture of your process without the data gaps. Specifically, sensors powered by a battery will transmit data less frequently in order to preserve their battery life. In stark contrast, DCO's sensors can transmit real-time data at a significantly higher frequency. Equally important, when the dashboard detects any changes in performance, you receive alerts and notifications on your laptop or smartphone in real time. This minimises downtime and keeps your critical systems running with round-the-clock monitoring. Gain a deeper understanding of your business, its processes and systems which are crucial for making decisions.

DCO's DiscoverRA can provide powerful dashboard analytics and remote monitoring for steam users and motor and drive systems.
DCO's DiscoverRA can provide powerful dashboard analytics and remote monitoring for steam users and motor and drive systems.
DCO's DiscoverRA can provide powerful dashboard analytics and remote monitoring for steam users and motor and drive systems.
DCO's DiscoverRA can provide powerful dashboard analytics and remote monitoring for steam users and motor and drive systems.

How it works

Energy harvesting sensors are placed on each component you would like to monitor. Not only are sensors customised to your needs, but also configured to the equipment's capabilities as well. Specifically, sensors collect a wide range of vital information including temperature, acoustics, vibration and performance. Likewise, our sensors also monitor your whole system. On your dashboard, you can view how your systems works together and the overall functionality of your plant. Equally, you can oversee the productivity of individual pieces of equipment and system components.

Next, the data collected is transmitted through our Gateway or 3/4/5G service to the internet.  Powerful analytics are continually delivered via our Cloud to your customised dashboard. Notably, our dashboards are developed for ease of use and simplicity! You can visually track, analyse and monitor your critical KPI’s. The dashboard also measures your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and identifies hourly, weekly and monthly fluctuations. Have the confidence of knowing exactly how your equipment is functioning in minutes - not hours or days. Consequently, engineers have more complete information on how to keep production going strong. As a result, you can pinpoint problems straightaway and allow for the most efficient use of your engineers’ time and resources. With your equipment monitoring being done remotely,  you'll keep your engineers working smarter by reducing travel time and labour costs.

Communications and connectivity of the Gateway

While the monitors are busy collecting the data, they need to transmit it to the cloud platform. The Gateway device provides that connectivity allowing monitors data to be transmitted onto the cloud software. DCO's Gateways can support up to 250 devices (and each can support multiple data points). There are a few important aspects that need to be considered when selecting a Gateway setup – including size of the site, distances between monitors and whether another suitable network (e.g. LoRaWAN) is already in place.

Our monitors are available in standalone versions that can connect to any available global mobile phone network and in wireless versions that utilise a local gateway to communicate with the cloud platform. All versions support NFC tag support for commissioning and offline configuration.

DCO sensors transit data to any device and provide dashboard analytics
  • Sensor units support sub-1GHz radio communication in the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands for use in scenarios requiring extended range support or operation in adverse environments. Support for LoRaWAN in these bands is also available as an option.
  • Standalone versions have global coverage with support for IoT optimised LTE CAT-M1 (eMTC) and NB-IoT based networks, and legacy 2G networks.

Intergration with other systems

If you already have software-based sensing equipment, our DiscoverRA platform provides another option. Specifically, our platform is compatible with many other existing IIoT systems. Our system integrates seamlessly and interacts with other network enabled equipment and devices. As a result, this capability provides a gateway to our cloud-based storage and data analytics service. This means that once data is supplied to DiscoverRA you can utilise all the benefits of DCO's platform immediately. Features include an easy-to-read dashboard, notifications and analytical functions. In conclusion, you can receive an enhanced and simplified dashboard experience without having to dismantle what you already have in place.

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What monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at info@dcosystems.co.uk.

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