Dashboard analytics

Powerful analytics tailored to meet your requirements

Cloud based dashboard

Monitor the health of your system quickly and easily.

Clients benefit from valuable insights through our fully customisable dashboard that visually tracks, analyses and displays their KPI’s.

Our real-time system can help identify energy loss, leaks and system failures and improve quality control.  

Cloud based web dashboards display detailed pre-determined information tailored to clients' requirements, by user if required.

App coming soon!

Our clients will soon also benefit from an intelligent App developed specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads and tablets.  

The App is securely implemented on designated smartphones and/or devices, for clients to use anywhere.

Valuable analytic information is gathered from our sensors. Data is then organised in an easy-to-read format that will help determine KPI’s, measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and identify hourly, weekly and monthly fluctuations. 

Analytics on any device

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Desktop or laptop

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