Energy efficiency & carbon reduction

Quantifying energy usage accurately is crucial for improving energy efficiency, carbon reduction and decarbonisation

It’s true, we all need to use less energy. Chances are already you are taking necessary steps toward reducing energy usage and carbon footprint. DCO Systems energy monitoring can enhance your already in-place solutions and take them even further. Our automatic and persistent monitoring techniques gather uninterrupted and accurate data on your energy usage for all aspects of your manufacturing process. You may have a picture of your energy usage already, we just make it a lot clearer!

Energy efficiency

Collecting data in real time, our sensors themselves are designed with energy harvesting technology and can harness power from thermal, light, electrical and vibration sources. Having these sensors installed and retrofitted on all of your equipment provides you with continuous, accurate data on energy usage. This information provides precise performance data, pinpointing leaks in equipment like steam traps and highlighting energy flows and losses in plant. Information is stored using our cloud platform, available on any device and armed with pro-active notification features to alert you to problems in real time.

Carbon reduction

Leaks within a system and malfunctioning equipment are two of the biggest offenders of energy waste. Reducing energy input and waste translates into carbon reduction and lower emissions. Measurable elements including temperature, pressure, steam generation, flow and volume, and construct the complete picture of how energy is transferred throughout your system. When you have accurate and consistent information, you can make the tough decisions with confidence on where to invest in efficiency measures, integrate smart technology and move toward a more sustainable process.


Another advantage to having this crucial information at your fingertips is it allows you to consider decarbonisation strategies – the process of implementing low carbon power sources. DCO’s sensors are precise and always monitoring – two requirements for identifying the need for new infrastructure or equipment.

Move toward a sustainable strategy

Accurate information is key and DCO Systems can help. Measuring your energy consumption throughout your entire operation will allow you develop new approaches and invest in new technology that result in lower energy consumption and carbon emissions.

What energy reduction and monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at

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