Equipment sensors

Equipment sensors with advanced capabilities 

We design and build our equipment sensors and cloud-based dashboard analytics in-house. Our ‘grab and go’ sensors make it possible for industry to integrate the most advanced monitoring capabilities on the market today, through one supplier. Our off the shelf sensors for specific applications can be customised through sensing, communications and energy harvesting options to fit your process and needs. Furthermore, our affordable sensors are easily installed and retrofitted to machines and equipment regardless of its age, size or complexity.

DCO's energy harvesting sensors can be customised to harness the data you need from each machine
DCO's energy harvesting sensors harness energy from natural and artificial light sources
DCO offers anenergy harvesting sensor for external and harsh environments
DCO's energy harvesting sensors harness energy from natural and artificial light sources

Whole system monitoring

Our whole system monitoring solutions are designed to take what you are already doing and fill in coverage gaps. Because our sensors do not rely on batteries or a power source, they can be installed in more locations, even those with minimal infrastructure. Another feature includes automatic alerts for predictive and preventative maintenance that pinpoints issues and anomalies. As a result, engineers can gain an understanding of the whole system and unforeseen interactions between equipment and use this knowledge to their advantage.

Affordable investment

Our self-powered sensors immediately save on costs and time by avoiding the need to install a power source or hire an electrical engineer. The affordable investment includes ready to deploy sensors with coordinated equipment connectors, adaptors and fittings. Plug-and-play modules also support your existing devices, integrating inputs from existing analogue and digital sensors into a common remote access and monitoring solution.

Low maintenance

Our truly wireless equipment sensors run on energy found in their surrounding environment, therefore eliminating routine battery changes. Energy harvesting creates the conditions for more frequent data reporting and always-on, real-time connection of your equipment and assets. More than that, our sensors adapt, measuring their harvesting and dynamically adjusting power use to suit operational and reporting constraints you set. They are maintenance-free, readily available and provide you with a multi-year monitoring solution.

Innovative design

Our equipment sensors are compact and versatile and designed with energy harvesting capabilities. A wide range of physical parameters can be monitored with additional plug-and-play options delivering an unlimited wealth of data, real-time alerts and valuable analytics.


Our equipment sensors connect via any available global mobile phone network, or via a gateway to the cloud. Bluetooth 5 connectivity to other devices is supported, as is sub-1GHz radio communication in the ISM and LoRA bands for extended range/adverse conditions.

Energy harvesting

Our equipment sensors harvest and store energy from multiple ambient power sources including temperature, vibration and solar, ensuring reliable operation in varying environmental conditions, removing the need for installation of power sources by electrical engineers.  This reduces or  eliminates the need for battery maintenance.

DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere
Extended sensing

Our equipment sensors support additional sensing plug-and-play options over and above those integrated into the standard sensor, allowing for extension of the number and type of physical parameters that can be monitored.

Mobile App

Our equipment sensors integrate with our mobile apps to permit commissioning of the device and to obtain real-time, local performance data from the device across NFC and Bluetooth connections. The apps also permit querying of your devices and interrogation of their cloud hosted data and analytics. Your data on any device!

Measurable elements

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Power (electrical power, consumption data & power analysis)

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Temperature and humidity (contact & non-contact)

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Pressure (air, gas, steam & water)

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Sound and vibration (motors, gearboxes & mechanical assemblies)

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Vision (infrared and visible light)

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Level, volume and flow

What monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at

We provide

Innovative solutions

Our understanding of the steam industry, R&D lab and purpose-built production line enable us to design and manufacture precise solutions tailored to your needs.

Flexible approach

We’re happy to liaise directly with technicians, engineers and factory managers.  Our goal is to to deliver you the most beneficial product. 

Clear costings

We provide a full quotation that includes detailed technical specifications and financial costings. Our clients improve productivity, safety and minimise quality control issues.

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