Equipment sensors

Equipment sensors with advanced capabilities 

We design and build our very own equipment sensors and cloud-based dashboard analytics in-house. Our sensors make it possible for you to own monitoring technology with the most advanced capabilities on the market today, through one supplier. They can be installed in a variety of environments and provide valuable insight on your production process.

DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere
DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere
DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere
DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere

Whole system monitoring

Our innovative equipment sensors are  compact and versatile and can be installed throughout your whole system. This approach enables you to gain a more complete understanding of your entire plant regardless of equipment age, size or complexity. Each sensor collects a wealth of readings enabling you to pinpoint a wide range of system issues in minutes.  Most importantly equipment monitoring is done remotely, keeping engineers working instead of travelling long distances to sites to carry out meter readings.

Affordable investment

We offer an affordable monitoring solution designed to meet your manufacturing needs. Our sensors work collectively and as your business grows, can be added at any time. In addition we offer you the support and guidance necessary to implement our monitoring solutions.

Low maintenance

Our truly wireless equipment sensors generate their own power. Eliminate the need for electrical engineers to install power supplies or carry out battery replacements.  With energy harvesting capabilities, our sensors provide you with multi-year maintenance-free operation while making savings on engineer's time and costs.

Innovative design

Our equipment sensors are compact and versatile and designed with energy harvesting capabilities. A wide range of physical parameters can be monitored with additional plug-and-play options delivering an unlimited wealth of data, real-time alerts and valuable analytics.


Our equipment sensors connect via any available global mobile phone network, or via a gateway to the cloud. Bluetooth 5 connectivity to other devices is supported, as is sub-1GHz radio communication in the ISM and LoRA bands for extended range/adverse conditions.

Energy harvesting

Our equipment sensors harvest and store energy from multiple ambient power sources including temperature, vibration and solar, ensuring reliable operation in varying environmental conditions, removing the need for installation of power sources by electrical engineers.  This reduces or  eliminates the need for battery maintenance.

DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere
Extended sensing

Our equipment sensors support additional sensing plug-and-play options over and above those integrated into the standard sensor, allowing for extension of the number and type of physical parameters that can be monitored.

Mobile App

Our equipment sensors integrate with our mobile apps to permit commissioning of the device and to obtain real-time, local performance data from the device across NFC and Bluetooth connections. The apps also permit querying of your devices and interrogation of their cloud hosted data and analytics. Your data on any device!

Measurable elements

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Power (electrical power, consumption data & power analysis)

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Temperature and humidity (contact & non-contact)

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Pressure (air, gas, steam & water)

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Sound and vibration (motors, gearboxes & mechanical assemblies)

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Vision (infrared and visible light)

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Level, volume and flow

We provide

Innovative solutions

Our understanding of the steam industry, R&D lab and purpose-built production line enable us to design and manufacture precise solutions tailored to your needs.

Flexible approach

We’re happy to liaise directly with technicians, engineers and factory managers.  Our goal is to to deliver you the most beneficial product. 

Clear costings

We provide a full quotation that includes detailed technical specifications and financial costings. Our clients improve productivity, safety and minimise quality control issues

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