The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) explained

How can IIoT benefit you?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a name that describes the wireless connection of industrial equipment to the internet for monitoring purposes.   

We offer an innovative sensing and software solution that enables our clients to exploit the benefits of the IIoT, enabling them to monitor individual pieces of equipment, or entire factories, quickly and efficiently. 

We make this possible by installing sensors on our clients’ equipment. Our sensors collect performance data at each measurement point and transmit it securely, in real-time, to a bespoke software cloud.  


Data is then organised in an easy-to-read format, viewable by clients on any PC, laptop or hand-held device by logging into our dynamic dashboard. Valuable data and insights are shown visibly and audibly using alerts and graphs. 

Our sensors also enable our clients to determine how one piece of equipment malfunctioning affects their wider operation, providing valuable data in locating equipment that may need to be updated or replaced. 

Accessing data for the entire system enables stakeholders to pinpoint problems immediately, making more informed decisions. This results in a reduction in wasted energy, lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. 

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Prevent downtime and keep your critical systems running with self powered monitoring solutions and analytics that deliver valuable insight, raising productivity in a range of commercial and industrial settings.

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