Machine monitoring

Machine monitoring solutions for your steam system

Remotely monitor the performance of your steam system using our truly wireless machine monitoring solution.  Detect leaks in real-time on steam equipment including steam traps, boilers, heat exchangers, actuators, economisers, air handlers, heat recovery units and pipework.  Once installed our equipment sensors increase productivity, safety and reduce quality control issues.  Our real-time solution helps to identify energy loss, system failures and detect problems before they occur, reducing the need for engineers to attend site to diagnose problems. Travel time and labour costs are reduced while increasing your production rates.  Integration with our cloud-based dashboard, analysis and reporting service provides you with an easy to install “out of the box” IIoT solution.

DCO sensors monitor boilers and pipework
DCO sensors can monitor pipework
DCO Sensors can monitor industrial steam boilers
DCO sensors can monitor industrial fans

Elements measured

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Power (electrical power, energy efficiency, consumption data & power analysis)

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Temperature and humidity (contact & non-contact)

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Pressure (air, gas, steam & water)

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Vibration (motors, gearboxes & mechanical assemblies)

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Air handling (airflow, pressures, turbulence, efficiency & fan performance)

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Steam generation (boiler efficiency, steam output, consumption data, steam quality & fault detection)

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Steam distribution (pressures, temperatures, steam quality & fault detection)

Powerful data analysis 

Energy use and consumption 

Equipment performance

Product quality  

Process efficiency

Steam generation and distribution  

Condensate collection

Predictive and reactive maintenance needs 

Fault diagnostics and alerts

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