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UK healthcare industry establishes energy efficiency improvements with DCO Systems

DCO Systems are proud to partner with leading industry steam and energy providers and to work with a range of individual clients. We have travelled extensively from UK NHS Hospital sites to tea plantations in East Africa to install our specifically designed devices. We understand that each industry is different and therefore each sensor is programmed to monitor specific components in relation to the type of equipment, giving clients the precise data required. By making use of the whole system approach, we have helped customers understand how their whole system works collectively.  

Whether you are a partner, a re-seller or direct client, our sensing & monitoring solutions aim to improve the quality of the final product, maximise energy performance and reduce running costs. 

Our sensing devices in these organisations currently monitor the following

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Energy use and consumption

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Equipment performance

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Product quality

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Process efficiency

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Steam generation and distribution

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Condensate collection

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Predictive and reactive maintenance needs

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Fault diagnostics and alerts

Steam Trap Monitor Pipes DCO

Steam trap solutions

Blue Boilers DCO

UK healthcare industry

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Tea processing industry

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Whole system monitoring

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