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Want to keep your existing sensing equipment and just sign up to our data service?

DCO’s DiscoverRA platform can be used with your existing software based sensing equipment , interacting with other network enabled equipment and devices to provide  a gateway to our cloud-based storage and data analytics service. 

DiscoverRA is built upon the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub which enables you to use the many interfaces, APIs and programming language samples provided by Microsoft to develop the software for your device. 

The data service consumes data structured in JSON format which is easily created and manipulated in all commonly available programming and scripting languages. The format is flexible and extensible and can support any data reporting requirement and data types. We can supply templates into which you can slot you own data for transmission to the hub. 

Once data is supplied (in the JSON structure) to DiscoverRA it can be utilised in all the dashboard, notification and analytical functions that we provide on the platform. 

Supported protocols

Any of the protocols already supported by Microsoft Azure IoT Hub can be utilised, currently this includes HTTPS, MQTT and AMQP. 

Communications and connectivity

There are no specific requirements for the communications of connectivity options for the data service. Your devices simply need Internet connectivity in order to communicate with the cloud based components of our solution. 

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