Steam trap monitoring

Advanced steam trap monitoring solutions

Our advanced steam trap monitoring solutions increase productivity, safety and reduce quality control issues. Furthermore, you can detect leaks and pinpoint problems in real time, allowing site engineers to quickly diagnose issues.

DCO's Truly wireless sensors can be implemented on steam traps or steam boiler systems
DCO's Truly wireless sensors can be implemented on steam traps or steam boiler systems
DCO sensors transmit data to personal devices from steam traps and steam boiler systems
DCO sensors can monitor your steam traps and detect leaks in real-time


Our wireless steam trap sensors enable remote monitoring of trap performance. Sensors include real-time notifications and alerts for performance and safety issues. Integration with our cloud-based dashboard, analysis and reporting services provides an “out of the box” solution.


Monitoring the physical parameters of a steam trap is key to understanding its performance – both on short and long timescales. Every trap will have specified (as designed) a behaviour model and a corresponding real-world performance envelope. Therefore, detailed monitoring permits one to be mapped onto the other, building up a picture of the real-world performance of the device. Furthermore, rapid changes in performance can be indicative of localised or remote failure, while change over time can provide indication of degradation needing to be addressed by maintenance.

Measurable indicators

Remote temperature sensing probes permit (at a minimum) the steam and condensate sides of the trap to be monitored. Temperature monitoring provides the most immediate and easily interpreted assessment of the performance of the trap. Specifically, the identification of traps that are either failing to pass condensate properly or are passing an unexpectedly high level of steam are detected. Similarly, onboard precision vibration and orientation sensing enable monitoring of movement on fine and large scales. Consequently, this can indicate internal mechanical failures or external problems such as water hammer. Acoustic sensing permits identification of problems local to and adjacent to the monitor, such as high velocity steam and hammer in pipes that may not even be directly connected to the trap being monitored.

Monitor whole system performance

Working together our monitors can be used to identify the large-scale performance of a system that includes steam traps. Individual traps can detect issues such as water hammer, however, the synchronised collection across multiple traps permits localisation of such problems and the means to determine root causes and sources. The introduction of whole system monitoring provides engineers with the data they require to fully understand the performance of the systems for which they are responsible.

Truly wireless

Steam trap sensors are available with integrated energy harvesting capabilities. This therefore removes the need for integration by electrical engineers and already supports wireless transmission to give you a “true wireless” capability.

Configurable reporting

Data is collected regularly and transmitted to our cloud platform for storage, analysis and alerting purposes. Default reporting intervals are 15 minutes but can be configured up or down as required, to second-by-second reporting if necessary.

DCO work with NHS sites to monitoring aging boilers and infrastructure

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DCO sensors are helpful to monitor steam traps

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