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DCO Systems offer simplified and persistent steam trap monitoring solutions. We currently offer two models:

Easy STM

Our Easy STM model is a simple 'out-of-the-box' solution for large scale, maintenance free, deployment, for all types of steam trap up to 14 bar(g) / 200°C. The smaller design makes it easy to install. The Easy STM model clips neatly in restricted spaces (such as between union joints). With one cabled temperature sensor for flexible placement. This model is temperature only with an optional acoustic sensing upgrade. Acoustic sensing allows the sensor to listen to the surrounding environment to detect faults in adjacent equipment. READ MORE

DCO's Easy STM is designed for easy installation and thermal only monitoring for drip traps.

Flex STM

Our Flex STM model provides a flexible platform for monitoring offering sensor flexibility to meet your requirements. With dual temperature sensors included by default, the unit can be extended to up to 8 temperatures probes, and supports the full range of communications, storage, and sensing options from our options range. The IP66 enclosure is suitable for long-term outdoor installation. READ MORE

DCO offer a Flex STM IP66 model for flexible steam trap monitoring that comes packed with many features and benefits.

How Remote Steam Trap Monitoring Works

Our remote steam trap monitoring technical note provides insight into the challenges faced by sites using a mix of different types of steam traps onsite. Mechanical traps are naturally subject to wear usually leading to several distinct types of failure; up to 10% of the mechanical traps on a site may fail each year. This introduces problems in relation to site safety, process efficiency and operating costs. DCO has introduced a remotely accessible (unattended), self-contained, steam trap monitoring solution to ensure that trap performance data is collected round the clock. READ MORE

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Ready to tackle downtime, leaking traps, inefficient systems? Please fill in your information below. We work with our trusted suppliers, Steam Plant Limited, to bring Africa simplified and persistent steam trap monitoring solutions. Once submitted, one of our team members will contact you to arrange a convenient time to discuss your needs.

Why choose DCO Systems for your steam trap monitoring?

Because your current monitoring efforts may only be scratching the surface and we can help you fill in data gaps.

  • Monitor more components in parallel
  • Extend your data reach to include inaccessible equipment
  • Receive data at a higher frequency
  • Try our wireless, energy harvesting sensors that are always on
DCO offer energy harvesting sensors that monitor more metrics in parallel

Why choose DCO?

You need a monitoring solution that is easy to deploy, provides a high return on investment and reduces unplanned downtime. However, you can only go so far with your current monitoring efforts because they have fixed capabilities. That's why DCO Systems embed energy harvesting capabilities into each sensor. They are maintenance-free, easy to install and compatible with your existing systems. Now you can monitor more metrics in combination, include hard to access equipment, and test and trail changes needed to reduce downtime costs. DCO offer sensors and data subscription options for an affordable price. Are you ready to give them a try and start saving money?

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