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Our mission and commitment

It is our mission and commitment to help companies take control of their equipment with our equipment sensors and monitoring solutions. We believe there’s more. More information, more knowledge, more time. A better understanding of your business, its processes and systems.

Our vision: To become the go-to partner for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) remote monitoring solutions, delivering innovative solutions which exceed client expectations.

Our story: Walking across manufacturing floors, it was evident that too little was known about the often expensive equipment so many industries rely on. Too much time and money was being spent travelling long distances to locate problems that could be diagnosed remotely. Using industry knowledge, experience and innovation, our team developed an equipment monitoring solution that addresses the issues surrounding equipment performance. It is our mission and commitment to help companies take control of their time and equipment by delivering this through our five core brand values of innovation, precision, curiosity, value and reliability. These values are the qualities we live by and those which form the moral compass of our brand. They influence the actions and decisions of everyone in our organisation and demonstrate our commitment to delivering our vision.

DCO Cotswold Village

Our community

At DCO Systems giving back and supporting the greater community is a belief that we put into action. Our support and involvement in the local community includes events that connect people with literature, science and technology, and foster the curiosity of what has been and what could be. 

Fairford Festival of Fiction 5-7 June 2020
Fairford, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom 

The Fairford Festival of Fiction is a popular event for both children and adults as the day hosts several authors, writers, illustrators and book signing opportunities. The festival theme this year commemorates two 500th anniversaries; King Henry VIII’s visit to Fairford and the meeting of the Field of Cloth of Gold. DCO Systems are proud to sponsor the Festival of Fiction’s line-up of special guests to help engage and encourage readers of all ages!

Click here to find out about our 2020 sponsorship of the Festival of Fiction 

DCO Systems care about the environment and our impact

Our planet

We all want a healthy planetThe small choices we make each day can help us get there.  

At DCO Systems we strive to build sustainability into everything we do. We are  committed to operating environmentally responsibly and sustainably as part of our research, development and manufacturing  process. Our services provide proven, significant benefits that help our clients meet their goals to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and improve their carbon footprint.  

Our operations are designed to get the most out of technology, without using more resources. 

We’ve worked to make our sensors some of the most efficient in the world by designing, building, and manufacturing each one to maximise efficient use of energy and materials. It is our aim to empower our clients with technology that helps ensure a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come. 

DCO Systems inspire and challenge our team


We understand the importance of looking after our people and are committed to creating aenergetic, engaging and happy workplace. We believe in investing in our people which benefits us all, enriching lives and helping our business to be successful.  

Our core focus starts and ends by bringing engineering, industry and computing technology together. We want to bring on people who help us get better at what we do. 

We’re not actively recruiting for any roles at present, but we’re always looking for talented people, so if you like the sound of our company, think you have the right set of skills and have got what it takes to help shape our business going forward, get in touch using the contact form below, we’d love to hear from you! 

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