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About DCO

We offer remote monitoring solutions for steam systems and motor & drive systems, and the software to understand the data collected. All sensors are powered using energy harvesting technology which means you can avoid the burden of endless battery replacements. Furthermore, our self-powering sensors are robust, always on, maintenance-free, and allow you to significantly extend your monitoring efforts by collecting more data, more often and in more places.

Our energy harvesting sensors and dashboard software are designed incorporating the characteristics of the equipment. Out-of-the-box solutions include monitoring for steam traps and steam systems, and motor and drive systems.

Because our monitoring solutions are self-powering, they are ideal for engineers overseeing multiple plants, off-site locations and locations with little infrastructure or access. With continuous, real-time monitoring, you receive more information, more frequently, thus providing a more detailed, bigger picture of your process. Remotely monitor an entire system along with individual machines, collect and store real-time data, and receive alerts and notification in real time.

DCO Systems' energy harvesting overcome limitations of battery-powered sensors. Learn more about DCO Systems.
DCO's energy harvesting sensors overcome the limitations of fixed-powered sensors. Learn more about DCO Systems.


DCO Systems are proud to be members of the following organisations:

Investing in our national economy whilst making our monitoring solutions available worldwide is important to us. You can read more about 'Why being made in Britain matters' here.

Our mission

It is our mission and commitment to help companies accurately understand their steam systems and plant processes with our remote monitoring solutions and software. More information, more frequently provides a highly detailed understanding of equipment and process. Better information means greater collaboration to tackle steam and energy loss, reduce downtime, and test and trial improvements to make efficiency gains.

Our story

Walking across manufacturing floors, it was evident that too little was known about the often expensive equipment so many industries rely on. Too much time and money was being spent travelling long distances to locate problems that could be diagnosed remotely. Using industry knowledge, experience and innovation, our team developed an equipment monitoring solution that addresses the issues surrounding equipment performance. It is our mission and commitment to help companies take control of their time and equipment by delivering this through our five core brand values of innovation, precision, curiosity, value and reliability. These values are the qualities we live by and those which form the moral compass of our brand. They influence the actions and decisions of everyone in our organisation and demonstrate our commitment to delivering our vision.

More about us

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Our commitment to sustainable packaging

At DCO Systems, we put our commitment to the health of the planet in action. Our shipping materials are sourced from a Carbon Neutral certified supplier that develops environmentally friendly packaging in conjunction with WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme. This allows us to ship our sensors in recyclable, compact cardboard boxes that are made from 60% to 90% recycled content. Furthermore, we use plastic-free filling that is FSC certified paper, 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Moreover, we choose Carbon Neutral as a shipping option whenever available.

About DCO Systems- our commitment to operating sustainably includes compact packaging materials and eliminating plastic packaging.

Looking for a great career? Join our team

We understand the importance of looking after our people and are committed to creating aenergetic, engaging and happy workplace. 

We’re not actively recruiting for any roles at present, but we’re always looking for talented people. If you like the sound of our company, think you have the right set of skills and have got what it takes to help shape our business going forward, get in touch using the contact form below, we’d love to hear from you! 

DCO Systems inspire and challenge our team. Learn more about DCO Systems.

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