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Case studies for improved productivity and quality control

We are focused on improving productivity and quality control for steam users, industry leaders and OEM's. Our work spans a wide range, providing our sensing and monitoring solutions at NHS sites in the UK and as far and wide as tea plantations in East Africa. We understand that each industry is different.  Therefore, each sensor is programmed to monitor specific components in relation to the type of equipment, giving you the precise data required. By making use of the whole system approach, we have helped customers understand how their whole system works collectively. You can read through our case studies to see specific examples of how versatile our energy harvesting powered sensors are.

Whether you are a partner, a re-seller or direct client, our sensing & monitoring solutions aim to improve the quality of the final product, maximise energy performance and reduce running costs.

DCO’s adaptable module meets unique steam system’s monitoring requirements

The steam system within the manufacturing plant in the west midlands is unique. The layout consists of a set of press units, housing several traps each, steam boilers and steam distribution lines. In total, nearly 80 universal float and thermostatic steam traps used for process and drip leg applications needed monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, the difficulty of accessing each installed unit meant that the monitoring solutions should avoid fixed-wiring and a battery-free solution was preferable. READ MORE

DCO was able to meet the monitoring requirements from a tyre manufacturer with the BASE steam trap monitor.

Power specialist overseeing solar farm chooses DCO to help improve operational efficiency

Solar energy plays an increasingly vital role in reducing dependency on fossil fuels. Solar farms are often run by operational specialists on behalf of the farm’s owners and investors. Operators need data to run the solar farms optimally, to ensure their safety and performance, and to evidence this to owners and investors. One player, a power specialist, helps operators to monitor and enhance the performance of their solar farm assets. They recognised that the data they were already collecting was limited in scope. READ MORE

DCO Systems provided monitoring solutions for a local solar farm. We offer a self-powered, energy harvesting sensor with solar panels embedded on the base. This allows for the sensor to self-charge, store energy and transmit updates more frequently

UK steel giant enlists DCO to reduce downtime costs

A recent study found that machine downtime is costing Britain's manufacturers more than £180bn every year and that 53% of machinery downtime is caused by hidden internal faults. Notably, manufacturing steel takes that problem to the extreme. With a mix of new and legacy equipment, extensive production areas, and a health and safety critical environment it is not easy to deploy solutions in a steel works. However, DCO’s adaptable solutions permitted an off-the-shelf solution to be reconfigured to meet these site challenges. READ MORE

DCO helps a steel manufacturer reduce downtime costs

Collecting round the clock data in UK healthcare's inaccessible steam infrastructure

This major urban hospital is representative of many UK healthcare sites with several decades of organic growth leading to a mix of systems, sites and infrastructure of varying types and ease of access. The site steam network is extensive, heavily used and sometimes inaccessible with steam and condensate passing through multiple kilometres of underground pipework. This labyrinth of pipework can run between boiler room, different buildings and mini campuses on site. READ MORE

DCO Systems can remotely monitor inaccessible steam infrastructures and steam systems

How hospitals use real-time monitoring solutions to improve performance

Hospitals rely on a sound infrastructure to deliver critical services. Given the high demand for heating and hot water, maximising equipment performance is vital. With the UK Government’s target of a 34% carbon reduction by 2020, the NHS and their partners are seeking new ways to improve their steam boiler equipment. Working together, we deployed our real-time monitoring solution throughout an energy recovery system. READ MORE

DCO work with NHS sites to monitoring aging boilers and infrastructure

African tea processing industry seeks sustainability and efficiency improvements with DCO Systems

Black tea processing is energy extensive. Volatility in world oil prices led to many factories switching from oil to biomass (especially wood) to fulfil their steam generation requirements. While this led to a reduction in fossil fuel costs, factories face new pressures. Costs, environmental impact and sustainability of their fuel sources are of concern. The need to identify areas of waste and improve efficiency is more important than ever. READ MORE

Case study- DCO help a tea processing company monitor the 5 stages of tea production.

Our sensing devices in these organisations currently monitor the following

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Energy use and consumption

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Equipment performance

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Product quality

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Process efficiency

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Steam generation and distribution

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Condensate collection

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Predictive and reactive maintenance needs

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Fault diagnostics and alerts

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