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DCO's Easy STM is simple and compact for large scale deployment

Ushering in a new Easy Steam Trap Monitor generation

Because of the intricacies and complexity of steam systems, it can be difficult to fit a monitoring solution, even a self-contained one, onto the pipework. Particularly in drip and line applications the space between components, unions and insulation is restricted and the free runs of pipe needed for installation become an issue. READ MORE

DCO's remote monitoring solutions allow you to view the functionality of your machines from any where.

Remote monitoring fills gap left by shortage in skills force

With the shortage in the skills force, engineers and plant managers are meticulous about prioritising tasks and time management. Consequently, this means that many crucial projects relating to machine maintenance, upgrades and improvements get put on the back burner. READ MORE

DCO Systems offer digital twin capabilities to help with energy savings verification.

Applying a digital twin for energy savings verification for plant processes

The specification sheet promises one thing, but what is the reality of equipment performance within your process? Using a digital twin, you can eliminate assumptions and reveal what is really happening. READ MORE

DCO Systems have won the UK Enterprise Award for Best Energy Harvesting Equipment Sensors Provider 2022

DCO Systems recognised for Best Energy Harvesting Sensors

SME News Announces the Winners of the 2022 UK Enterprise Awards. They have awarded DCO Systems as Best Energy Harvesting Equipment Sensors Provider 2022. READ MORE

DCO Systems are proud Made in Britain members

Why being made in Britain matters

Last year, Made in Britain and OnePoll conducted a Buying British Survey. The results rang out loud and clear in support of British manufacturers with 73% of adults wanting their business to buy more British.  READ MORE

DCO offer monitoring solutions to detect leaking steam traps and generate cost savings for engineers.

Are your leaking steam traps costing you a fortune?

Unrelenting increases in fuel prices have manufacturers’ backs up against the wall. Discover how manual monitoring is costing you thousands backed by findings in a steam trap survey and what actions are needed. READ MORE

DCO Systems will be participating in the Manufacturing Expo taking place 8th & 9th June at the NEC in Birmingham.

DCO Systems at the Manufacturing Expo June 2022

DCO will be at the Manufacturing Expo and host a workshop, ‘Perpetual Motion Machines: Advance your monitoring with energy harvesting sensors’ on Wednesday, 8th June as part of the trade show. 

DCO Systems are sponsoring the Fairford Festival of Fiction taking place 4th June 2022.

DCO Systems to sponsor Fairford Festival of Fiction 2022

DCO Systems are proud to sponsor this year's Fairford Festival of Fiction. The festival is popular with both children and adults as the weekend hosts several authors, illustrators and book signing opportunities. READ MORE

DCO Systems will be at the Plant & Asset Management show

DCO at the Plant & Asset Management Show

DCO Systems are excited to bring to the market machine monitoring solutions that are solving the industries toughest monitoring obstacles. Find us at the Plant and Asset Management Show in Birmingham this April. 

DCO Systems offer a digital twin capabilities as part of your monitoring efforts

Understanding the benefits of a digital twin

A digital twin may seem like a big jump, especially for companies that are just starting to embrace digital technology. But it's easier and more beneficial than you think. DCO Systems bridge this gap by showing how engineers are currently using DCO’s virtual model. READ MORE

DCO Systems are recognised as SME News Southern Enterprise Award 2021 winner for Best Global Energy Harvesting Equipment Sensors Provider

DCO Systems win award for energy harvesting sensors

SME News Magazine have awarded DCO Systems as Best Global Energy Harvesting Equipment Sensors Provider in 2021. This award acknowledges those businesses who have shown innovation and perseverance. READ MORE

DCO news Article- DCO help engineers utilise the flexibility of adaptable monitoring in challenging environments with sensors powered using energy harvesting technology.

Utilising the flexibility of adaptable monitoring in challenging environments

What monitoring solutions are deployed on your plant floor? Have you noticed how rigid and restricted they are? Ultimately, this could be limiting your efforts to reduce downtime. READ MORE

DCO Systems is sponsoring Dean Jacobs to cycle the length of Britain to raise money for British Heart Foundation

DCO sponsor heart bypass recipient's quest to cycle the length of Britain

We are proud to sponsor Dean Jacobs as he embarks to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money and awareness for British Heart Foundation.

DCO's energy harvesting sensors provide cost savings, immediate benefits and are important for achieving sustainable manufacturing

3 simple and cost-effective ways to improve sustainable manufacturing

All manufacturers are moving towards more sustainable manufacturing, and for most this means getting more from existing plant and machinery. Most sites aren’t full of state-of-the-art equipment but rely on a mix of equipment of all ages and capabilities. READ MORE

DCO's wireless industry sensors are energy harvesting, maintenance-free and always-on

Wireless industry sensors free from battery dependency

Replacing batteries has become a major inconvenience for industries that deploy a big amount of sensors and need reliable uninterrupted data. Some batteries run out of power earlier than others, some of them are difficult to reach. This can lead to loss of important data requiring constant monitoring that comes at a cost. READ MORE

DCO Systems offer a range of Smart Factory monitoring solutions and remote monitoring solutions featuring 24/7 dashboard analytics

The Smart Factory monitor designed for engineers

The words ‘Smart Factory’ have the ability to conjure up two thoughts: computing and complexity. Furthermore, according to The Manufacturer’s Annual Manufacturing Report 2020, several roadblocks exist for companies trying to embrace Smart Factory technologies including misaligned systems and digital transformation fatigue. READ MORE

DCO sensors can help engineers and OEM's take control of their time. DCO also offer a whole system monitoring approach.

Maximise data collection with whole system monitoring

Have you ever spent money on a problem only to discover it was not the root cause? DCO Systems' whole system monitoring works to eliminate guesswork, pinpoint the true issue and maximise data collection. There are 3 compelling reasons of why works and how it can drastically improve your current monitoring efforts. READ MORE

DCO's machie monitoring can help modernise equipment and unlock the hidden inner workings of various equipment

Modernise your machines - the nuts & bolts of what’s really going on

Your existing plant and equipment have a compelling story to tell, but may be prevented from speaking clearly. However, there is no need to replace working plant and equipment just to add monitoring capabilities. Modernise your machines and unlock the hidden data within. READ MORE

DCO equipment sensors have energy harvesting capabilities

Immediate benefits of using energy harvesting sensors

Are all equipment sensors the same? No, compared with plug-in or battery-operated sensors, energy harvesting sensors punch above their weight. DCO Systems explain the immediate benefits of using sensors that power themselves and why you should make the switch. READ MORE

DCO Systems offer conditional monitoring with predictive and preventative maintenance alerts that result in cost savings for engineers. DCO's software features 24/7 access to powerful dashboard analytics.

The cost value of predictive & preventative maintenance

Predictive and preventative maintenance both work to keep equipment functioning properly and reduce downtime. Predictive maintenance aims to ‘predict’ when maintenance is going to be needed based on tendencies, whereas preventative maintenance offers routine servicing to ‘prevent’ failure. READ MORE

Steam Valve 500

Report: An in-depth look into monitoring for steam applications

Steam's ability to transfer energy between source and consumer means it continues to be widely used. Across a wide range of industries, steam systems are usually energy intensive and business critical but are hard to monitor regularly and consistently. READ MORE

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