Remote monitoring for education facilities and universities

DCO Systems design energy harvesting sensors and remote monitoring solutions for the benefit of the education sector. Steam systems are often the primary source for providing heat and hot water to schools and university campuses. Currently, we are helping monitor the steam infrastructure that supports an onsite laundry facility for a well known school in the UK. Furthermore, many of our higher education institutions are facing ageing steam networks. These are more susceptible to undetected leaks and failure.

Another challenge that universities face is the infrastructure of the heating system. Often times the steam network is extensive, heavily used and sometimes inaccessible through kilometres of underground pipework. In many cases, this maze of pipework runs between boiler room, different buildings and mini campuses on site. As a solution, DCO offer energy harvesting sensors that are easy to install throughout the whole system. This gives an overall performance overview of the network regardless of the age, size or complexity of a system. Furthermore, information is continuously gathering and sending to our dashboard analytics software. In conclusion, engineers have all of the data available on the health and performance of the steam system without being on-site. Our ubiquitous monitoring identifies and pinpoints problems in real time and minimises breakdowns.

What monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at

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