Energy harvesting

Energy harvesting sensors as a battery free IIoT solution

We offer energy harvesting sensors as a maintenance-free and battery-free IIoT solution. Our truly wireless equipment sensors can harness power from thermal, vibration, solar and electrical induction. This ensures reliable operation in varying environmental conditions. Furthermore, it removes the need for installation of power sources by electrical engineers and reduces or eliminates the time needed for battery maintenance.

Sensing devices that generate power for themselves

Battery free IIoT. Truly Wireless equipment sensors that generate their own power.

Thermal energy

Our sensors are developed to take advantage of the temperature differentials in their environment. They can utilise a heat source to generate power. For factories utilising steam, this makes our sensors an optimal choice as significant energy can be captured from the temperature differentials in such systems. 

Vibration energy

Vibration and motion of manufacturing plant are captured in our power harvesting sensors. When machines are continuously in motion, our energy harvesters utilise that movement to create power for sensing operations. 

Solar energy

Small solar panels incorporated on the sensing units are absorb the light in the environment and convert it to energy. Light harvesting works with both natural and artificial light sources and the energy harvest is stored and used as a power source for the sensor. 

Electrical energy

Existing power connections, such as existing 3-phase wiring for units such as motors, can be used as a power source without requiring a direct connection. Harvesting equipment that clips-on to the existing wires can be used both to satisfy the very low power levels requirements of the sensor.

DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere
DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere
DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere
DCO equipment sensors are energy harvesting and can be implemented anywhere


There is no requirement for work to be done by site electrical engineers and avoidance of work on live electrical equipment reduces safety hazards. Additionally, there is no impact on the equipment monitored as the power harvested is a fraction of a percent of that consumed by the equipment.

Compact and versatile, our sensors can be easily installed and connected to either a Gateway or mobile data connection. Our dashboard analytics service delivers fine-grained, Live updates on the schedule of your process demands - not the one that a battery dictates.

Furthermore, we offer scale-able solutions, as your business and operation grows, we can add more energy harvesting sensors and include newly monitored equipment in our whole system monitoring approach. With more sensors installed, our clients benefit from more complete data that drives decisions to reduce costs and increase energy efficiencies.

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