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Quality control monitoring for food and drink production

Our quality control monitoring sensors track the food and drink production process for cooking, sterilising, cleaning and eliminating risk of contamination. With many of the UK’s favourite food and beverage producers heavily reliant on steam, DCO sensors can prove very beneficial.  For example, our sensors can detect any variations in temperatures during the food production process, a crucial aspect for meat and dairy. DCO Systems are already helping Tea Processing factories in Africa. Our aim is to identify ways to reduce their fuel input, raise productivity and boost product quality using our sensing, control and optimisation services. Furthermore, with the global population over 7 billion, any reduction in food waste means significant gains in feeding the world.

Take control of your costs while making savings on your engineer's time. Eliminate the need for costly electrical installations and battery replacements. Our affordable pricing options begin with a low-cost capital investment that can be scaled up to suit your needs.

Gain a more complete understanding of your entire plant using our whole system monitoring approach regardless of equipment age, size or complexity. Easily pinpoint and diagnose a range of problems in seconds and fix system issues more quickly than before.

We offer energy harvesting sensors as a maintenance-free and battery-free IIoT solution. Our truly wireless equipment sensors can harness power from thermal, vibration, solar and electrical induction. This ensures reliable operation in varying environmental conditions.

Our clients receive valuable data on any device at any time. Real-time alerts and notifications are sent to your smartphone, laptop or tablet in easy-to-read chart format. As the information is stored in a cloud-based dashboard, data can be viewed wherever you are, day or night.

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