Always-on monitoring solutions for hospitals & NHS sites

Our sensors are an effective way to remotely monitor steam systems for hospitals. Steam is a crucial source for powering and heating important healthcare equipment and facilities. It is also used for the sterilisation of equipment. By remotely monitoring the steam system, engineers' time can be utilised more efficiently. Furthermore, data on any device and available at any time means you will always know how your system is functioning. DCO Systems is already working with several NHS sites in the UK enabling them to affordably install our self powered sensing devices. As a result, these hospitals are receiving round the clock system alerts and notifications.

What monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at

DCO Systems can remotely monitor inaccessible steam infrastructures and steam systems

Case study: 'Monitoring inaccessible steam infrastructures' details a major urban UK hospital site with an extensive steam network that is heavily used and sometimes inaccessible with steam passing through kilometres of underground pipework. Monitoring and maintaining that infrastructure is vital to the efficient and safe operation of a hospital on which patients rely, but access for manual measurement is hazardous and time-consuming. READ MORE

DCO work with NHS sites to monitoring aging boilers and infrastructure

Case study: 'NHS energy efficiency improvements' describes hospitals that rely on a sound infrastructure to deliver critical services. Given the high demand for heating and hot water, maximising equipment performance is vital. With the UK Government’s target of a 34% carbon reduction across hospitals by 2020 a key consideration, the NHS and their partners seek new ways to improve their steam boiler equipment. This is where we were able to help. READ MORE

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