Quality control sensors for the pharmaceutical industry

Since Covid, the public role and responsibilities that pharmaceutical companies play within everyday life has elevated. To meet the demands of crucial medicines and vital vaccines, the laboratories must comply to strict government and safety regulations regarding all aspects of research and development. At the backbone of this process is steam.

In the pharmaceutical industry, different types of steam are used throughout the R&D process. Specifically, clean steam is generated from treated water and required in the sterilisation and disinfectant process to prevent biological contamination. Alternatively, utility steam is produced by conventional boilers and has been injected with chemical additives for the purpose of protecting the boiler from scale and corrosion. Importantly, the monitoring of steam traps can help ensure that the quality for both types of steam is at its highest potential.

We are already working with the pharmaceutical industry by monitoring steam traps for a site in the UK. Initially, the engineering team had experienced a problem within their steam system due to water hammer. This unforeseen situation brought forward the need for monitoring. Furthermore, the company contacted DCO Systems due to the energy harvesting technology that is integrated into the steam trap monitors. As most of their steam traps and pipe network are external, changing batteries was a task that the team were keen to avoid. Now their team has 24/7 real-time dashboard access on their steam traps and can execute predictive and preventative maintenance measures when needed. In conclusion, less waste and greater efficiencies mean that additional resources and funds are focused where they should be- on pharmaceutical research and development.

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