Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The success of DCO Systems depends primarily upon the high quality and reliability of our products and services and the quality of our personnel and sub-contractor/supplier relationships. Quality ensures the reliability of our designs, products and services and gains the confidence of our customers. We believe that our commitment to world class standards of quality is of prime importance and the efforts of all are directed to this objective.

In order to achieve this, we have committed to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and the Quality Management System. Our Quality Management System shall ensure that proper communication, process control and accountable records are generated for all work undertaken.

Within DCO Systems we are committed to providing designs, services and products which meet our customers’ specified contractual and project requirements. We are totally committed to setting and achieving quality standards that are capable of meeting, in all respects, the specified requirements and reasonable expectations of our customers.

All personnel within DCO Systems are charged with promoting these aims and are required to familiarize themselves with the contents of this Quality Manual which defines the Quality Management System that has been established and adopted as the means for achieving these declared objectives.

Everyone connected with the company shall be supported according to their individual needs for personal development, training and facilities. We provide a framework for setting quality objectives.

It is our intention to pursue these goals and work in conjunction with our staff, supply chain and all interested parties to ensure the highest quality of product and service are consistently attained and all needs and expectations are met, in addition to seeking continual improvement, in order to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

We are committed to satisfying all applicable statutory, legal and regulatory requirements.

Our Quality Management systems and processes shall be applied to every aspect of our activity and quality shall be the responsibility of everyone, in every activity, throughout the Company.


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