Tea Processing

Processing tea (Camellia sinensis) for the black tea sector is an energy intensive and quality sensitive process. We provide turn key solutions, developed with tea processors, that optimise production and raise quality standards.

A typical, medium sized, tea processing factory may require upwards of half a megawatt of electrical power when operating at full capacity and require the generation of more than 36,000kg of steam per hour. The savings from optimisation of energy consumption in this environment are considerable both in terms of cost savings and in respect of reduced emissions. High rates of return on investment (ROI) are possible through considered and measured optimisations.

Tea growth and harvesting is highly dependent upon weather conditions, with peaks and troughs occurring through the year depending on local seasonal factors. Our solutions help to optimise production throughout the year, optimising for energy consumption in periods of low production and maximal throughput at peak periods.

Withering Trough MASTER

Optimise withering time and reduce energy use. Monitoring services and sensing solutions for optimising power consumption and steam use to deliver leaf in optimal condition.


CTC Machine

Critically sensitive to the condition of the withered leaf, real-time monitoring of CTC stages reduces production blockages, monitors energy use and enables proactive and preventative maintenance.

Crush, Tear, Curl

Fermentation Line MASTER

Improve product quality with close monitoring of the range of environmental, physical and process factors that determine the outcome of the fermentation process. Generate audit data to verify product quality to your customers and optimise your production.


Tea Dryer

Ensure optimal use of energy to achieve required drying levels, react quickly to changes in conditions to ensure product quality. Audit trails and data points to verify product quality to your customers.



Reduce energy inputs for the raising of steam, optimise its distribution and avoid downtime and faults through proactive monitoring and diagnosis of issues in the boiler and distribution system.

Steam Production