Whole system monitoring

Extend your reach with whole system monitoring

Our monitoring solutions are designed to take what you are already doing and fill in the missing gaps. These gaps come in many forms. Are your sensors restricted by battery-changes or inaccessible locations? Or are there gaps in your data analysis due to infrequent timed intervals? Try our always on, energy harvesting sensors that power themselves and can be installed anywhere. Do your sensors measure a limited number of performance characteristics? Give our simple plug and play sensors a chance and maximise the data collected. DCO Systems whole system monitoring approach closes the information loop and creates a complete picture, filled with a rich data set that engineers can use immediately.

DCO Sensors provide whole systems monitoring and granular data on your systems.
DCO Systems provide whole system monitoring and granular data on your systems.
DCO Sensors provides whole system monitoring and granular data on their systems.
View data captured through whole system monitoring on a tablet, smartphone or PC.

Integrate with your existing monitoring systems

If you already have a monitoring system in place but need upgraded capabilities, we can help. Our energy harvesting sensors and dashboard analytics can complement what you already have in place and fill in the gaps. In addition, they are compact, versatile, designed with self-powering capabilities and are ready for immediate use. Furthermore, our affordable sensors are easily installed and retrofitted to existing machines and equipment regardless of its age, size or complexity. For a true, complete picture of your whole system and performance details, our solutions are scalable and grow with you.

Include multiple and inaccessible locations

These wireless sensors make it possible to monitor your entire plant and multiple locations. Until now, equipment in far-away places with little infrastructure were omitted from monitoring. Obstacles for putting sensors in these locations included the challenges of installing a power source or the need for continuous battery replacements. As a result, this meant that forgotten equipment became a ticking time bomb. Yet these are the ideal places in which DCO's energy harvesting sensors can be installed and prove beneficial.

Our self-powering sensors are always-on, maintenance-free and continuously gather data. As a result, you can extend the reach of your monitoring by including this equipment and monitoring multiple sites at one time. Once installed, the sensors then securely transmit the data collected to our cloud-based dashboard and is available to your engineer on their smart phone, tablet or PC. This makes it possible to know how your machines and processes are functioning at any given moment.

Add in predictive and preventative maintenance

Another benefit of whole system monitoring is the ability to detect anomalies or changes in the operational performance. Specifically, a key component to DCO’s dashboard analytics is to alert and notify engineers of these occurrences and pinpoint the root cause. Furthermore, our predictive and preventative maintenance feature helps deter unplanned costs and downtime. As a result, engineers can effectively plan and set up routine maintenance schedules based on data.

DCO Systems' whole system approach gives you the complete picture, filled with detailed, accurate information. Where other monitoring techniques leave gaps in data, our monitoring solutions work to include all aspects of the process and create an unparalleled data set for engineers to work from.

What monitoring solutions do you need? We are happy to discuss how DCO Systems can implement or upgrade and extend your existing monitoring efforts. To get started with DCO’s affordable monitoring tools, go to our contact page or email us at info@dcosystems.co.uk.

DCO sensors can help engineers and OEM's take control of their time. DCO also offer a whole system monitoring approach.

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DCO Systems offer conditional monitoring with predictive and preventative maintenance alerts that result in cost savings for engineers. DCO's software features 24/7 access to powerful dashboard analytics.

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